Bloomberg Government Announces New Weekly Newsletter Focusing on State Voter Laws and Redistricting

WASHINGTON, DC (March 8, 2021) — Bloomberg Government today announced a new weekly email newsletter, Ballots & Boundaries, focusing on state action that will influence elections. The newsletter joins an existing lineup of 25 daily and weekly email newsletters available to Bloomberg Government customers.

The new newsletter will follow legislation to change the rules on mail-in voting, early voting, vote-counting, voter registration, and election security. As redistricting gets underway for the first time in ten years, Ballots & Boundaries will provide readers with the information they need to know about topics including which incumbent members of Congress will be affected and how communities of interest fare when decisions get made about lumping them into a single district or spreading them out.

“Understanding the impact of state laws that affect voting is essential for our customers,” said Cesca Antonelli, editor-in-chief, Bloomberg Industry Group. “Our reporters will be following these issues from the statehouses to the courthouses to make sure our readers have the information they need.”

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