Jul 17, 2019Webinar

Race to the Finish: Maximizing Q4 Opportunities

Join BGOV as we review fourth-quarter spending trends and opportunities in the annual race to the finish. Learn how contractors can position themselves to maximize business capture and lay the groundwork for fiscal 2020.
Jul 16, 2019Webinar

The State of Congressional Investigations

Join Bloomberg Government and Holland & Knight for an in-depth discussion to get expert analysis on what makes this session so remarkable in terms of government investigations – and what to expect in the coming months.
Jun 19, 2019Webinar

An Insider’s View of Digital Transformation

Since taking the helm at the Technology Transformation Service (TTS) in early 2019, Anil Cheriyan has overseen some of the federal government’s most sweeping efforts to modernize the way agencies do business and deliver services for citizens and customers.
Jun 13, 2019Webinar

Plan to Win: Refine Your Capture Strategy

Winning government contracts is a twofold challenge – surfacing the right opportunity is just as important as understanding how to win it.
May 9, 2019Webinar

Big MAC Analysis 2019

Multiple-award contracts (MACs) are changing the federal acquisition landscape. Which opportunities are the most lucrative and where in government are they used most often?
May 7, 2019Live Event

2019 Spring Hill Watch Breakfast

On May 7, Bloomberg Government will host its 2019 Spring Hill Watch Breakfast. In conjunction with the annual Hill Watch report, the moderated breakfast discussion will explore what to watch on Capitol Hill.
May 6, 2019Live Event

Navy-Marine Corps Budget Priorities Briefing

The Navy-Marine Corps team faces unique challenges in balancing near- and long-term priorities: meeting current operational requirements versus preparing for the future fight, increasing the number of unmanned systems, prioritizing modernization efforts and readiness in current global presence missions, and investing for combat operations and current readiness. Even with budgetary shifts, will it be enough…
Apr 25, 2019Webinar

Ask the Analysts

Join Bloomberg Government legislative analysts for an “Asked and Answered” webinar that will give a brief overview of the congressional state of play at the halfway point of the fiscal year. The analysts will also answer audience questions on issues, items left this Congress, and how the rest of the year could play out.
Apr 18, 2019Webinar

An Insider’s View of Government Cloud

Now more than six months since the White House released its governmentwide cloud strategy, ‘Cloud Smart,’ federal agencies are finding new ways to support their journeys to the cloud, generate cost savings, and improve security.
Apr 17, 2019Webinar

FY20 Defense Budget Breakdown: What to Know

The fiscal 2020 budget request represents an important signal of the administration’s defense priorities and initiatives. In this webinar, Bloomberg Government senior analysts Robert Levinson and Cameron Leuthy and senior reporter, Roxana Tiron cover deterring foreign and national threats with counter-terrorism operations, how changes in the threat environment are driving investments, and the budget battle