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Use Megaphone to pinpoint, activate, and build momentum—and a movement.

Uniquely effective outreach that matches your scale

Only Megaphone by Bloomberg Government combines everything you need into one easy-to-use resource.

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Precise CRM capabilities

With more in-depth profiles on constituents than any other platform, boost your campaign effectiveness by appending third party data to your organizations advocate pool — resulting in better targeting, more outreach for campaign spend, and improved campaign results.

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More sophisticated queries

Easily customize your queries and perform searches with “and/or” parameters using a point-and-click interface. Save static lists or dynamic queries that automatically update.

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Unmatched outreach tools

An advocacy platform that offers supporter-centric outreach tools, like peer-to-peer texting and phonebanking.

Don’t miss your moment to build your movement

Grassroots advocacy without the right resources prevents your efforts from taking root. Megaphone has you covered.

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Reliable data

Real-time data, reporting & information backed by Bloomberg Government’s robust policy intelligence solutions.

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Cohesive tools

News and analysis, bill tracking, directories, and outreach tools equip you with everything your campaign needs for an unified approach.

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Time-saving solution

Having everything you need on one platform means you can stop wasting time with partial campaign solutions.

Moving the dial is easier than you think

In just three steps, you can start motivating your voters.

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