Four-Legged TSA Screeners Collared by Government Shutdown

The partial government shutdown is impacting its four-legged workers, too. The U.S. Transportation Security Administration has halted parts of its bomb-detecting dog training program as well as the program’s planned expansion, spokesperson Michael Bilello told Bloomberg Government in an interview.

Religious Colleges Praise Proposed Protections for Their Mission

The Education Department is siding with religious colleges and universities worried the accrediting agencies that oversee them won’t respect the restrictions they impose as part of their educational mission. College accrediting agencies, which review and recognize colleges as eligible for federal funding, are required to respect the specific mission of a college.

Congo’s President-Elect—And His Rival—Get U.S. Lobbying Help

Amid accusations of vote-rigging, the winner of Congo’s presidential election and the second-place finisher are ready to deploy lobbyists to urge the U.S. to validate—or question—the results. Felix Tshisekedi—the leader of the country’s largest opposition party—was declared the winner Thursday, succeeding President Joseph Kabila in what would be the mineral-rich country’s first-ever peaceful transfer of power.

Air Force Taps GSA to Fast-Track Cloud Platform Buy

The Air Force is partnering with the General Services Administration on a fast-track buying procedure to acquire a cloud-based development platform for artificial intelligence and “internet of things” applications.

(Bloomberg) — A coalition of centrist House Democrats has asked for a change to Nancy Pelosi’s top legislative priority in the new Congress – overhauling the redistricting process, according a letter from four of the group’s leaders.
  • Leaders of the group of moderates ask Pelosi to add a provision to an anti-corruption bill she hopes to introduce as H.R. 1 soon after her party takes the majority next month that would require a nonpartisan redistricting process
  • Lawmakers “strongly recommend” Pelosi add the John Tanner Fairness in Redistricting Act to the existing package, which bolsters voting rights, overhauls campaign finance laws and requires the president to release his tax returns
  • The four Blue Dog leaders are Reps. Tom O’Halleran, Stephanie Murphyand Luis Correa, as well as Rep.-elect Anthony Brindisi of New York
  • NOTE: The House speaker, which Pelosi is on track to become in the next Congress, typically designates H.R. 1 for a symbolic legislative priority; H.R. 1 was the bill for GOP’s tax cuts

Border Democrats Walk Tightrope Between Wall, Constituent Jobs

Democratic lawmakers from U.S. border states are having to learn how to balance their opposition to President Trump’s proposed border wall with the boost in federal contract spending many of their districts have seen, thanks to tougher immigration enforcement.

Federal Contract Spending Trends: Five Years in Five Charts

Contract spending has grown by almost 6 percent per year over the past five years as federal agencies relied increasingly on governmentwide contract vehicles and simplified acquisition procedures. Bloomberg Government has identified five important spending trends that developed from fiscal 2014 through 2018.