Health Insurance Group Objects to Parts of GOP Health-Care Bill

(Bloomberg) — Health-care proposal’s Medicaid funding formulas suggested by House GOP “could result in unnecessary disruptions in the coverage and care beneficiaries depend on,” America’s Health Insurance Plans, or AHIP, writes in letter to Reps. Kevin Brady and Greg Walden.

  • “We believe that Medicaid funding should be adequate to meet the healthcare needs of beneficiaries”: AHIP
  • “It will be important for policymakers to consider how long-term reforms impact consumers, health-care providers, employers and other stakeholders”: AHIP
  • “AHIP appreciates that the House proposal largely sets aside the employer-sponsored and Medicare markets, recognizing that they work well”
  • NOTE: Brady is chairman of House Ways and Means Cmte, and Walden is chairman of House Energy and Commerce Cmte, two cmtes with jurisdiction over health-care bill
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