BAE Deploys Contractors To Pressure Congress For Bradley Funds

Federal contract spending in FY16 up 8 percent from FY15

August 30, 2017 Bloomberg Government

Bloomberg Government presented findings from the sixth annual BGOV200 study, published Aug. 23. It ranks the top 200 federal contractors by value of prime, unclassified contracts awarded by U.S. agencies in fiscal 2016.

Participating in the webinar was Bloomberg Government’s Vice President & General Manager Donald Thomas; Deputy Director of Government Contracts Research Daniel Snyder; and Federal Market Analyst Laura Criste.

Major topics covered include:

  • Total contract spending in fiscal 2016 was $477.8 billion, an 8 percent increase from $441.6 billion in fiscal 2015.
  • The share of total government obligations won by the top 200 was 63 percent, or $302 billion.
  • More than two-thirds of the 27 spending categories that were analyzed had year-over-year increases.
  • Services continue to dominate the market. The top four categories were services.
  • The top 20 companies make up about 37 percent, or $175 billion, of the $447.8 billion overall government share.
  • Overall, 122 companies improved their ranking in fiscal 2016, while 64 companies did worse compared to fiscal 2015.
  • 14 companies, including the ones that rank one through six, remained and the same from last year.

Click here to visit the BGOV200 website. Click here to download the report, which includes the study, company profile pages and methodology.

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Companies scramble for $98 billion in federal contract spending