The White House

Trump Team Back to Drawing Board on Health Care After Midterms

The Trump administration, undeterred by the Republicans’ loss of their House majority in the midterm elections, wants to resume chipping away at Obamacare in the coming year.

Lawmakers Plan Two-Week Stopgap, Delaying Border Wall Standoff

Lawmakers plan to avert a shutdown at the end of the week with a two-week stopgap measure, giving the fight over border wall funding a new deadline.

The stopgap will last two weeks, bumping the deadline back from Dec. 7 to Dec. 21, according to two congressional aides.

Mattis Says He Told Trump to Stay Away From Overseas Locations

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has advised Donald Trump to stay away from certain overseas locations even as the president has been criticized for not visiting U.S. troops deployed to war zones.

The holiday season, and particularly Thanksgiving, has been a preferred time for previous presidents to visit U.S. military deployed to combat zones. The trips have been used as a show of appreciation for the sacrifices troops make.

Trump Trade Plan Gives Food Banks More Help Than They Can Handle

Mountaineer Food Bank, located in the middle of West Virginia, expects to get three times the 1.1 million pounds it typically receives in federal emergency food aid. The problem is finding ways to store and distribute it all.

“That’s quite a bit for us in our area,” said Chad Morrison, the food bank’s executive editor. “There’s good, bad, and unintended consequences that come with it.”

Defense Chief Mattis Ramps Up Global Travel as Reassuring Voice

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis crisscrossed three continents in the month of October alone: from Belgium to Vietnam and Mexico to India and Bahrain. He’s been to the Indo-Pacific region eight times, and has clocked four visits to Afghanistan since becoming defense chief in January 2017.

Thin Bench, Senate Gauntlet Would Complicate a Nielsen Ouster

President Donald Trump’s ouster of Jeff Sessions as attorney general the day after the midterm elections raises the question: Who could be shown the door next?

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, the reported target of Trump’s ire over migrants trying to cross the Southwest border, would be difficult to replace because of a small number of potential candidates and a tough confirmation process, lobbyists, academics and former government officials said.

Probes, Possible Infrastructure Deal: What to Watch in the 116th

Investigations, infrastructure, and immigration are among the issues that will dominate the 116th Congress when a Democratic majority in the House faces the challenge of working with a Republican-controlled Senate that’s wed to President Donald Trump’s agenda.

Military Vets Head for the House: Meet the Next Freshmen

A veritable platoon of military veterans, including a former Marine who participated in a rare combat mission to rescue a prisoner of war, is ready to march onto the House floor as new members of Congress.

Asylum Seeking Is About More Than Politics For These Candidates

President Donald Trump’s closing argument on the midterm election has focused on immigration and the “caravan” of refugees fleeing violence by walking toward the U.S.

For some of the candidates on the ballot in today’s election, the subject is personal; they come from families who sought shelter in America.

Trump May Seek Budget Change to Get Wall Money

President Donald Trump’s next budget request may propose taking decisions about border-wall funding away from Congress, according to aides to House Republicans who back the change.

The idea is to switch border wall money from discretionary spending — subject to the annual appropriations votes — to mandatory spending, according to the aides, who spoke on condition of anonymity to describe the private discussions.