The Next Four Years

Ocasio-Cortez and Other Winners to Watch: BGOV Election Analysis

Some of the winners in yesterday’s primaries and runoffs across seven states have such a pronounced advantage in the November election that it’s safe to call them shoo-ins to join the 116th Congress in January.

Candidate Coordination With Outside Groups Eased by Rulings

Congressional campaigns may find it easier to coordinate their messages with super political action committees and other outside groups as a result of Federal Election Commission decisions.

Outside Groups Bet Millions on Shaping Midterm Primary Contests

Campaign spending groups not linked to candidates poured $42.4 million in May into television ads and other messages seeking to influence control of Congress in this year’s midterm elections, reports filed with the Federal Election Commission show.

What the change in administration means for your career

Having worked through every presidential transition since 1992, Nels Olson has a keen sense of how Washington changes every four (or eight) years. We spoke with Nels to pick his brain on career transition tips and what to expect as the Trump administration moves into Washington.

The first 100 days: Steps to effectively run the federal government

The first 100 days will help set the stage for the Trump presidency. If the president is able to get his leadership team in place and effectively manage the federal government, he stands a far greater chance of implementing his policy agenda and providing effective services to the American people.

Trump ties for most first-week executive orders in 70 years

Obama and Trump both signed more executive orders in their first week than predecessors going back 70 years, to the beginning of Harry Truman’s presidency.

Positioning yourself during the transition: Advice from a top headhunter

As Former Director of Presidential Personnel, Liza Wright was responsible for filling top jobs within the White House. She shares her tips for positioning yourself during this time of transition.

If the administration wants change, they need to manage it

Every change made by the new administration will have profound impact on federal employees.

Trump’s to-do list: What to expect from an unexpected president

Donald Trump gets to pick up the presidential pen on Friday and turn his campaign promises into action.

5 change management models for leaders in the new administration

As agencies prepare for the incoming Trump Administration, here are five models for building change capability across the federal government.