MacAulay-Brown Buy Quadruples Alion’s IT Footprint

With its acquisition of MacAulay-Brown Inc., Alion Science & Technology Corp. positions itself to compete for upcoming artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and cloud contracts. Since fiscal 2014, MacB has won about four times as much information technology work with the federal government as Alion.

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Pentagon Committed to Single JEDI Award Worth $10B

The Pentagon announced its intent to issue a single award for its highly controversial, multibillion-dollar commercial cloud contract known as the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure, or JEDI, in a July 26 request for proposal.

DTRA Competing $535 Million IT Services Contracts

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency is recompeting the full-and-open version of an agency-wide information technology services contract, and has increased the ceiling to $535 million.

After Failed REAN Cloud Deal, Pentagon Starts from Scratch

The Pentagon has reopened its search for a vendor to migrate its legacy applications to the cloud following the Government Accountability Office’s May 31 decision recommending that the Defense Department cancel its $65 million fast-track contract with REAN Cloud LLC.

Small Businesses Wanted for $40 Million SBA Technology Contract

The Small Business Administration is looking for as many as three small businesses to provide a wide range of information technology support.

IT Budget & Opportunities Briefing: Event Replay

The breakfast briefing reviewed President Donald Trump’s fiscal 2019 IT budget request and highlighted recent trends in IT contracting.

GSA Seeks AI and Analytics to Help Agencies Optimize IT Spending

According to the solicitation, GSA wants to use advanced business intelligence tools, including artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, data mining, machine learning, and predictive analytics to “help inform spending and consumption-based transparency.”

GSA Posts Details for ‘Centers of Excellence’ Buys

Eight new digital services contracting opportunities tied to the Information Technology Modernization Centers of Excellence were announced by the General Services Administration on June 15.

IT Budget Request Rises to $92 Billion in FY 2019: BGOV Webinar

In a webinar, Bloomberg Government presented an overview of the budget changes and explored IT budget trends for specific agencies, programs, and priorities.

Trump’s Fiscal 2019 IT Budget Could Hit $92 Billion

President Donald Trump’s fiscal 2019 budget request includes $82.2 billion for unclassified information technology, an increase of about $3 billion compared with the estimate for fiscal 2018.