GSA Announces Winners of $50 Billion Alliant 2 LB Awards

The Nov. 17 award of the 10-year, $50 billion Alliant 2 Large Business contract to 61 companies pits the largest incumbent Alliant Large Business contractors against 28 dynamic new entrants for some of the largest federal information technology orders.

Census Bureau gears up for 2020 with funding, contracts secured

The U.S. Census Bureau on Jan. 27 released details about the progress of the 2020 Census, including updates on technology testing, readiness and budget authority.

Chao may again drive IT spending in Trump cabinet

President-elect Donald Trump’s selection of Elaine Chao to head the U.S. Department of Transportation may result in a boost in information technology spending as happened when she ran the U.S. Department of Labor from 2001 through 2009.

Agencies need help adjusting to their new IT systems

As federal agencies update their legacy information technology systems and add new solutions like cloud computing, it’s not surprising that there’s often a steep learning curve.

Replay: A federal perspective on the health IT industry

Bloomberg Government and Roger Baker, former Assistant Secretary for Information and Technology for the Department of Veterans Affairs, hosted a webinar on Feb. 25 to discuss the federal health IT market of both today and the future.

The responsible leaders guide to avoiding data collection boondoggles

Our data appetite is insatiable. Why? Because we’re desperate for answers. When we’re not exactly sure what the questions are, we believe data is the first step on the right path to getting there.

When the pursuit of data just isn’t worth it

Data is expensive—in fact, far more expensive than we like to acknowledge. In government and in contracting, data is the fancy, bubbly, bottled water that we treat like tap.

Here’s how to prevent another OPM hack

Six months after the revelation of the OPM data breach that exposed the personal data of 21.5 million people, the OPM’s newly-hired cybersecurity advisor and the White House’s cybersecurity coordinator joined Bloomberg Government to talk about how to prevent another similarly devastating attack.

The mobility revolution is changing government spending habits

Federal procurement is being reshaped by mobility. Smartphones, tablets and laptops are used with a regularity that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

Mobility transforms government agencies

How are agencies are moving beyond legacy mobile devices and increasing their ability to input, access and analyze data remotely? Watch a replay of Bloomberg Government’s mobility event.