Thought Leadership

Suspending the Rules with Bloomberg Government’s New Analyst-Hosted Podcast

Bloomberg Government’s new podcast, Suspending the Rules, put a new spin on what’s happening in Washington. In this newly launched podcast, BGOV analysts Adam M. Taylor and Adam Schank, take on issues impacting the federal government, policy, The White House and Washington.

Grassroots Leadership Lessons from the Founders

When contemplating how to improve your advocacy results, it’s always wise to reflect on immutable advocacy truths—those principles that, regardless of time and season, do not change. This time of year, it’s wise to remember the paragons of grassroots advocacy, the Founding Fathers, and how they led their troops and the public through the vicissitudes of the Revolution.

U.S. Government pursuit of emerging technologies may attract non-traditional companies

Bloomberg Government regularly publishes insights, opinions and best practices from our community of senior leaders and decision-makers. This column is written by Jenner & Block Partner Marc Van Allen and Jenner & Block Summer Associate Umer Chaudhry. 

What the change in administration means for your career

Having worked through every presidential transition since 1992, Nels Olson has a keen sense of how Washington changes every four (or eight) years. We spoke with Nels to pick his brain on career transition tips and what to expect as the Trump administration moves into Washington.

Positioning yourself during the transition: Advice from a top headhunter

As Former Director of Presidential Personnel, Liza Wright was responsible for filling top jobs within the White House. She shares her tips for positioning yourself during this time of transition.

Where will the Trump administration and Congress focus their infrastructure efforts?

Understanding and addressing the needs of U.S. infrastructure requires the the upkeep an aging infrastructure and the implementation of new technologies that allow infrastructure to become smarter and more sustainable.

Why the Pentagon’s supply chain is a key vulnerability

New regulations, technologies and geopolitical realities have made supply chain risk an issue faced by an increasing number of federal contractors.

A rare moment of bipartisan agreement needs more scrutiny

America’s infrastructure is falling apart and falling behind. How the next president meets this challenge is important for our economy, our economic competitiveness and our quality of life.

Charting a path towards equal opportunity in the technology industry

Organizations thrive when diverse ideas are at work. From government agencies, to Capitol Hill and the private sector, organizations are increasingly committed to bringing together the best minds to chart a path towards a more inclusive technology industry.

Army Sec. John McHugh: From the Hill to the Pentagon to K Street

Following nine terms in the U.S. House of Representatives and four years as Secretary of the U.S. Army, life-long public servant John McHugh has retired to K Street law firm K&L Gates. He brings a wealth of experience—and we sat down with him to understand what led him to the private-sector, and how his many years in public service have prepared him for success.