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New calendar alerts on BGOV

Policy is shaped over conversations at countless congressional, agency and think tank events. To enable our clients to better identify, prioritize and attend policy events, BGOV has recently introduced a new calendar alert type.

New tool offers the smart way to search, analyze and track federal legislation

Bloomberg Government today announced the enhancement of its comprehensive and intuitive legislative tracking tool.

Fiscal issues to dominate lawmakers’ Fall agenda as they return to Capitol Hill

Congress returns to face a crowded agenda dominated by fiscal issues beginning with government funding and borrowing authority and ending with proposals to rewrite the tax code.

Bloomberg Government has launched the sixth annual BGOV200, a ranking of the top federal contractors

The 6th annual BGOV200 study ranks the top 200 federal government contractors by value of prime, unclassified contracts awarded by U.S. government agencies in fiscal 2016.

Prepping for the government’s Q4 spending spree? We released a tool to help.

On average, almost one-third of all federal contract obligations are awarded in the fourth quarter. The spending trend has been incredibly consistent, with sequestration and political changes not leading to dramatic shifts in action in Q4.

Building industry relationships using BGOV

Data is only the starting point to help business developers build relationships in the industry. Successful BD teams know they need clean, accurate information to provide context and direction as they build key relationships.

We surveyed capture managers, and three questions were top of mind

Winning government contracts is twofold – finding opportunities is just as important as surfacing the right opportunity.

Information overload? We just released a solution to help

Clients often tell us that staying up to date on industry news and trends is essential, but there isn’t an easy solution for viewing critical information. We developed a tool to solve this problem.