Analyst Insights

Warren warning on ‘corporate capture’ showcases defense strength (updated)

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s warning that the U.S. military is at risk of “corporate capture” because of the close ties to industry of President Donald Trump’s picks to run the Pentagon undermine pleas of distress from defense companies.

Supercomputer and Server Assembly At Bull As Software Maker Atos Looks To Acquire French Technology Company

More profitable opportunities on Alliant 2 SB: This is IT

As the federal government’s demand for emerging information technology services grows, Alliant 2 Small Business is likely to offer small businesses more profits than its predecessor.


Better data, oversight needed to boost diversity in tech

Federal technology contractors may soon need to meet higher standards for diversity or risk losing government business, according to new recommendations from the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

Navy mulls sailorless future with robot ships doing dirty work

Unmanned ships that cost a fraction of manned vessels, can undertake dangerous duties in heavy seas, and never need to make ports of call to relieve homesick crews are being tested by the U.S. Navy.

Republicans begrudgingly wait on Shuster, want FAA extension

House and Senate Republican leaders are waiting—some begrudgingly—on House Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) to advance a bill to reauthorize or extend FAA authorization, which expires Sept. 30.

Navy one step closer to adding tool to stop ship-killer missiles

The U.S. Navy’s Advanced Off-Board Electronic Warfare (AOEW) system has passed its preliminary design review stage, taking another step closer to full-scale development of a new tool to protect the Navy’s ships from anti-ship missile attacks, prime vendor Lockheed Martin Co. announced Sept. 5.

The Astroturf is greener on the other side of air traffic debate

A former air traffic control professional, who was publicly critical as recently as late June of the administration’s efforts to privatize air traffic control operation, has emerged as a founder of a “grassroots” organization promoting legislation to spin off air traffic from the government.

U.S. seeks partners to help Internet users evade foreign censors

The Office of Internet Freedom (OIF), part the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors, is looking for vendors that have systems and software to counter internet censorship by foreign governments, according to a notice published Sept. 6.

Spring 2018 likely for next debt vote but election season possible

Lawmakers are reticent to be seen as supporting increased debt, and a fall campaign season vote—especially in a year when both parties see control of the House as up for grabs—could make approval even more difficult than usual.