Analyst Insights

War memorial or booty? Philippine bells defense bill flashpoint

Two church bells seized by American soldiers from the burned-out belfry of a church following a 1901 attack that killed 54 U.S. troops during the Philippine-American war is a potential flashpoint when the Senate debates the fiscal 2018 defense authorization bill.

DOD’s Strategic Capabilities Office seeks advanced research

A recent U.S. Department of Defense document could signal opportunities to supply advanced technologies that will make the difference in future wars.

Navy begins tests of unmanned subs, drones, data transmission

Testing of emerging underwater drone technologies by the U.S. Navy is under way in Rhode Island and Florida at the 2017 Advanced Naval Technology Exercise, or ANTX.

BGOV launches 8(a) Recompete Opportunities dashboard

Clients can find all these expiring contracts and task orders using BGOV’s new 8(a) Recompete Opportunities dashboard.

Trump has three North Korea options — all are bad

As the world tries to process the news that North Korea probably can put a nuclear weapon on an ICBM and President Donald Trump trades barbs with Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un, the real question is: What happens now?

Campaign rarity: No open Senate seats (yet) in 2018 election

Senators are either staying put or putting off a retirement decision. The result could be the fewest voluntary departures in more than seven decades.

Civilian agency data, cloud spending languishes: This is IT

Civilian federal agency spending on data centers and cloud computing is stagnating, according to Bloomberg Government’s analysis of information technology budget submissions.

U.S. Army seeks virtual reality trainer for infantry, observers

The U.S. Army wants a new virtual trainer that combines two existing systems in a contract potentially worth tens of millions of dollars, according to a sources-sought notice.

Show off your innovation at these DOD tech demos

The Defense Department and tech community have announced two events for contractors to display their products.

Defense Intelligence Agency seeks help with audit compliance

The Defense Intelligence Agency is looking for information about integrated financial systems that can perform planning, auditing, and reporting functions.