Democrats’ Bill Would Offer $5 Million-Per-Candidate Bonanza

House Democrats, who promised to get big money out of politics, are preparing to vote on providing public financing for congressional races, a move that could pump millions of dollars of taxpayer money into those contests.

Colleges Could Find Access to Federal Aid Easier Under Rule

Organizations offering college degrees and other post-secondary education credentials could have an easier time getting a slice of the $120 billion in annual federal student aid under a draft proposal by the federal government.

Pentagon Seeks Agile Fix for Federal Security Clearance Backlog

The current backlog of security clearance applications has prompted the Defense Department to seek out industry partners skilled in Agile development methods. The Pentagon wants a contractor to take over management of a new IT system designed to streamline the process for performing background investigations.

Foreign Money Threat High Priority for Incoming FEC Chairwoman

The threat of foreign money influencing U.S. elections and the need for increased disclosure of campaign funding will be top priorities for Ellen Weintraub, the incoming chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission, next year.

Weintraub said she plans to initiate “outward-facing public events” to draw attention to campaign finance problems and possible solutions.

Test Tube Burgers Prompt Regulators to Beef Up Safety Oversight

A Dutch start-up called Meatable thinks it has a game-changing product that can help feed a crowded, hungry world: laboratory-grown hamburgers.

Enthusiasts say large-scale production of lab-cultured meat would use 90 percent less land and water than conventional farming and could revolutionize agriculture while addressing global warming and rising worldwide demand for protein. Consumers will have two big questions. Are test-tube burgers tasty? And are they safe?

Pentagon to Seek $1.2 Billion for New Boeing F-15 Fighters (1)

The Pentagon is planning to request $1.2 billion for 12 Boeing F-15 X fighter aircraft—the newest version of the decades-old jet—in its fiscal year 2020 budget request, according to two people familiar with the decision who asked not to be named because it’s not yet official.

Obamacare Signups Decline as Democrats Blame Lawsuit, Trump

Enrollment on Obamacare’s federal marketplace fell for the second straight year, but the Trump administration declared the signup period another success.

Court Ruling Sparks Bipartisan Push to Preserve Health Insurance

Both Democratic and Republican leaders in Congress have called for taking action to protect the nation’s insurance markets from disruption after a federal judge in Texas ruled that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional.