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Kavanaugh Fight Draws Millions in Lobbying Dollars on Both Sides

Advocacy groups have spent millions trying to sway the Senate fight over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh — part of an increasingly acrimonious and partisan judicial confirmation process.

Organizations such as the Judicial Crisis Network on the right and groups advocating liberal causes such as abortion rights have been buying up TV airtime and deploying lobbyists to Capitol Hill.

Outside-Group Congressional Ad Buys Top $10 Million in April

Campaign spending fueled by big donors is shaping key congressional primaries and special elections across the country while setting the stage for multi-million-dollar battles in key midterm races in the fall.

Podesta Veterans Quickly Rebound on K Street After Firm’s Demise

The collapse of K Street powerhouse Podesta Group last year spawned at least five new firms, which have quickly become among the most successful lobbying startups.


Lobbying on ‘dreamers’ ramps up, with protections set to end

The status of young undocumented immigrants who arrived in the U.S. as children is one of the top issues Congress is weighing as it wraps up business for the year — and could even force a shutdown.

New clients generate a fifth of lobby firm revenue: BGOV OnPoint

Finding new clients should be a priority for lobbying firms as about a fifth of lobbying revenue originated from recent registrations.

Flood insurance lobbying soars as program expiration looms

The number of groups lobbying on flood insurance jumped 51 percent in the second quarter of 2017 from the same time last year, as Congress ramped up work on renewing a federal program key to the lenders, insurers and other businesses operating in flood-prone communities.

Top corporate lobbying spending increased 7.7% in Q1

How has the lobbying world reacted to the prospect of a Republican Congress and White House working together? Companies are spending more, while associations are spending less.

Seven tips for making a lasting impression with members of Congress

Are some constituents more memorable than others? Do lawmakers and their staff have better mental recall of some constituents and thus inflate their importance? The research says yes, and that lawmakers use mental shortcuts known as heuristics to help them remember constituents and make decisions.

Increased demand for government relations support: How the lobbying industry is changing

Bridget Hagan, a partner at Cypress Advocacy shares the ways in which the lobbying industry is changing, as well as big ticket items that are likely to get done on Capitol Hill this year.

Ability to reach both parties: How Forbes Tate made BGOV’s list of top lobbying firms

ForbesTate ranked 29th on BGOV’s list of top-performing lobbying firms. We spoke with Jeff Forbes, a founding partner at the firm. He shared the factors that led to their success in 2016 and advice for other firms looking to grow their business.