Veterans’ Health Program Price Tag Still Unknown, Say Lawmakers

Lawmakers say the Trump administration has kept them in the dark about the cost of a new law on veterans’ health care, a looming long-term expenditure that could complicate future budget negotiations.

The VA MISSION Act (Public Law 115-182) aims to give veterans more flexibility to seek subsidized health care at private facilities outside the Department of Veterans Affairs

Every State a Winner as Senate Moves Medical Research Billions

A gusher of federal money for states to boost research into diseases ranging from Alzheimer’s to cancer would flow under a fiscal 2019 spending package that the Senate is seeking to pass tomorrow.

The $875 billion spending “minibus” (H.R. 6157) bundles spending for defense, labor, health and human services and education. The medical research funds, while a relatively small portion of the measure compared with the Pentagon’s share, offer the prospect of well paying health-care jobs in the states of senators of both parties.

CMS Soliciting $25 Billion Quality Improvement Contract

The contract, known as Network of Quality Improvement and Innovation Contractors, or NQIIC, will rely on data analytics to improve the quality of health-care decisions by patients, families, and clinicians, according to the draft statement of work.

Familiar Faces May Top VA List of Options as Surprise Pick Quits

President Donald Trump may turn to a short list of department insiders, health industry leaders, and government officials in his hunt for a new Veterans Affairs secretary, after his first choice withdrew his nomination.

The future of innovation waivers: What states can do

While the future of health care reform remains uncertain, state officials are moving forward with policy changes by applying for state innovation waivers offered as an option in Section 1332 in the Affordable Care Act.

BGOV closer look: Revised draft Senate health-care amendment

Major portions of the Affordable Care Act would be overhauled under the July 13 draft Senate amendment to H.R. 1628, which also would cap federal funding for Medicaid.

Revised health-care plan to be unveiled this week in Senate

Senate Republican leaders plan to unveil a revised version of their health-care bill later this week after making little progress on winning over party holdouts.

Senate Republicans are writing Obamacare repeal behind closed doors

Senate Republican leaders drafting a measure to revamp U.S. health-care policy appear to be following the same path as their House counterparts — writing a bill behind closed doors before springing it on other lawmakers and the public close to a vote.

Opportunity focus: Managing the FDA’s budget and acquisitions

After creating a new automated budget planning system, the Food and Drug Administration needs a contractor to keep it running with regular maintenance and enhancements.