The future of innovation waivers: What states can do

While the future of health care reform remains uncertain, state officials are moving forward with policy changes by applying for state innovation waivers offered as an option in Section 1332 in the Affordable Care Act.

BGOV closer look: Revised draft Senate health-care amendment

Major portions of the Affordable Care Act would be overhauled under the July 13 draft Senate amendment to H.R. 1628, which also would cap federal funding for Medicaid.

Revised health-care plan to be unveiled this week in Senate

Senate Republican leaders plan to unveil a revised version of their health-care bill later this week after making little progress on winning over party holdouts.

Senate Republicans are writing Obamacare repeal behind closed doors

Senate Republican leaders drafting a measure to revamp U.S. health-care policy appear to be following the same path as their House counterparts — writing a bill behind closed doors before springing it on other lawmakers and the public close to a vote.

Opportunity focus: Managing the FDA’s budget and acquisitions

After creating a new automated budget planning system, the Food and Drug Administration needs a contractor to keep it running with regular maintenance and enhancements.

Trump floats health bill changes to win over conservatives

The White House is talking with House conservatives about last-minute changes to the embattled GOP health-care bill aimed at wooing enough holdouts to secure House passage.

What’s involved in repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act

House Republicans have advanced their long-awaited measure to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.In a recent webinar, BGOV analysts walked through the proposed changes and the broad contours of the law.

Republicans unveil repeal-and-replace bill

Republicans unveiled their long-awaited legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, proposing to phase out key parts of the law over several years as they try to break through a stalemate between moderates and conservatives in their party.

GOP rebrands Obamacare strategy from ‘repeal’ to ‘repair’

Some Republicans in Congress are starting to talk more about trying to “repair” Obamacare, rather than simply calling for “repeal and replace.”