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7 special elections to fill open House seats

Donald Trump’s Cabinet picks have triggered a busy spring of elections that in some cases may provide an early gauge of the president’s popularity.

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Tie-breaking Senate vote would be first for a cabinet nomination

Mike Pence may perform a constitutional duty in his third full week as vice president that Joe Biden never did in eight years on the job: Cast a tie-breaking vote in the Senate.

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Killing Obama’s rules? Congress has an act for that

Republicans are threatening to wield a little-used power, the Congressional Review Act.

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Three things to consider before advocating to repeal a rule under the CRA

If you are interested in having Congress repeal a rule under the CRA, here are three considerations to inform your decision.

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Which dates will shape the 2017 legislative agenda?

The 115th Congress and new Trump administration have a flurry of activity planned for 2017, and several key dates will shape the legislative agenda.

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How to use the Congressional Review Act to undo regulatory actions

With a Republican sweep of Congress and the executive branch, there will be a concerted effort this year to reform and restrain the current regulatory state. The Congressional Review Act will be one vehicle for affirmatively undoing some of the regulatory actions of the last six months.

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How to win an argument (by arguing against yourself)

A great way to disarm a political opponent is to disarm yourself before they can.

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As many as 6 special Congressional elections coming in 2017

The newly minted 115th Congress is on track to get some more new faces. Here’s what you need to know to get ready for the out-of-cycle campaigning.

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Everyone complains about the weather, House does something about it

After falling behind the Europeans in forecasting accuracy, the House approved a measure, H.R. 353, aimed at improving U.S. weather predictions and expanding research into severe storms.