Senate vampire slayers’ conundrum: ‘X out’ or put a stake in it?

Say you’re a U.S. senator and there’s something akin to a monster afoot that threatens your constituents and their livelihood.

Gas for blimps and Musk’s rockets may get a boost from Congress

Helium is in short supply in the U.S. Now, Congress is floating an idea to boost private extraction.

McConnell plans conservative judicial strategy amid health, tax battles

Congressional Republicans keep running into obstacles as they try to deliver overhauls of health care and tax laws by year’s end, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has one key priority he can pursue without considering politics outside his chamber: the confirmation of judges to serve on the federal bench.

Fiscal issues to dominate lawmakers’ Fall agenda as they return to Capitol Hill

Congress returns to face a crowded agenda dominated by fiscal issues beginning with government funding and borrowing authority and ending with proposals to rewrite the tax code.

Campaign rarity: No open Senate seats (yet) in 2018 election

Senators are either staying put or putting off a retirement decision. The result could be the fewest voluntary departures in more than seven decades.

Border wall money may be this year’s leading fiscal ‘showstopper’

The crises that have dominated Washington’s recent budget battles increasingly have hung on one showstopper issue, be it the Affordable Care Act, or Planned Parenthood, or immigration.

BGOV cheat sheet: Senate tie-breaking

Tie votes don’t happen often in the U.S. Senate. When they do, it’s up to the vice president — who also serves as president of the Senate — to break the tie.

A look at the future of FAA policy

The Federal Aviation Administration’s authorization expires on Sept. 30 and an existential debate is raging about the future of air traffic control.

BGOV closer look: Revised draft Senate health-care amendment

Major portions of the Affordable Care Act would be overhauled under the July 13 draft Senate amendment to H.R. 1628, which also would cap federal funding for Medicaid.

HASC’s NDAA would require Amazon-like online marketplaces

Government buying of commercial products may become more like shopping on than the traditional procurement process, if the House Armed Services Committee has its way.