Democrats Dominate List of Cash-Rich House Challengers

Democrats have more well-funded challengers running in Republican-held House districts than in previous campaign cycles — one of many signs that a change of control is possible.

Illinois Republicans Stuck With a Holocaust Denier on the Ballot

Republicans want to find an independent or write-in candidate to run for Congress in suburban Chicago now that they’re stuck with a Holocaust denier who calls himself a “white racialist.”

When Trump Sought a $300 Million Favor, Congress Said No-Yes-No

President Donald Trump — who has suggested Congress revive special-interest earmarks — knows first-hand what it’s like when favored projects are allowed to go to the front of the line.

All Signs Point to Big Democratic Wins in 2018

History, demographics and the national mood are pointing to one conclusion about the 2018 congressional races: Democrats are well-positioned to bring one-party government in Washington under Donald Trump’s presidency to a screeching halt.

Gas Tax Boost Splits Republicans in Congress, Interest Groups

Republicans in Congress and conservative interest groups are at odds over whether to use a gas tax increase to pay for road and bridge upgrades advocated by President Donald Trump.

Vague Student Aid Letters Could Be Due for Congressional Fix

Currently, thousands of college students receive financial aid letters that don’t list indirect costs of college, such as books and supplies, or don’t distinguish between how much a student qualifies for in loans versus grants. That might change.

Shutdown Sting, Small at Start, Would Grow as Agencies Shutter

The impact of a government shutdown would be felt minimally over the weekend, more on Monday morning, and become more painful with each passing day, according to a former Office of Management and Budget official.

Welcome back, Congress! BGOV webinar

Congress faces a packed agenda in 2018, with early action dominated by a Jan. 19 deadline to avert a government shutdown.

House May Skip Budget With Entitlement Cuts Unpopular in Senate

House Republicans may drop a budget resolution that would provide for mandatory spending cuts, prompting criticism from conservatives who say the party should follow through on Speaker Paul Ryan’s call for an entitlement overhaul.

There was a time when Congress fretted about `manly men’

Today is the 100th anniversary of a first for the U.S. House of Representatives: approving a women’s suffrage amendment to the Constitution.