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Congressional Reporter, Bloomberg Government

Jack Fitzpatrick is a congressional reporter for Bloomberg Government, covering the budget and appropriations process. Fitzpatrick earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and master’s degree in mass communication from Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

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Lawmakers Plan Two-Week Stopgap, Delaying Border Wall Standoff

Lawmakers plan to avert a shutdown at the end of the week with a two-week stopgap measure, giving the fight over border wall funding a new deadline.

The stopgap will last two weeks, bumping the deadline back from Dec. 7 to Dec. 21, according to two congressional aides.

Democratic Wins Promise More Leverage in Redistricting Battles

Democrats have set themselves up to chip away at the Republican Party’s redistricting advantage after the 2020 Census, following key wins in this year’s gubernatorial elections.

Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin will have Democratic governors when new congressional and state legislative lines are drawn in 2021.

Border Wall, Census Citizenship Query Among Lame-Duck Fights

The deal to avoid a shutdown ensures that some of the most contentious debates in the fiscal 2019 spending process will take place later this year. Among them: disputes over border wall funds, asylum seekers, the Census Bureau’s proposed citizenship question and climate-change programs.

Panel Eyes Punishment if Lawmakers Don’t Pass Spending Bills

Two-year budget resolutions, punishment for when Congress fails to pass spending bills, and an endorsement of “minibus” appropriations packages are among the measures lawmakers are considering in an effort to change the way the federal government spends money.

Veterans’ Health Program Price Tag Still Unknown, Say Lawmakers

Lawmakers say the Trump administration has kept them in the dark about the cost of a new law on veterans’ health care, a looming long-term expenditure that could complicate future budget negotiations.

The VA MISSION Act (Public Law 115-182) aims to give veterans more flexibility to seek subsidized health care at private facilities outside the Department of Veterans Affairs

IRS, Other Financial Agencies May Need Stopgap as Talks Stall

Financial agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service and the Securities and Exchange Commission may have to rely on stopgap funding, along with the departments of the Interior, Transportation and Agriculture, if lawmakers can’t break an impasse on the spending package before the new fiscal year begins Monday.

Election-Security Grants a Sticking Point in Spending Debate

Fights over election-security grants and top-line figures in the Financial Services appropriations bill are among the issues holding up one of the spending packages lawmakers hope to send to President Donald Trump by the end of the month.

GOP Split Over Border-Wall Fight in Lame Duck or Next Congress

Republican lawmakers are split over what could be a lose-lose scenario: whether to set a deadline for completing funding of the government shortly before Christmas, or in January, when Democrats may have taken control of the House.

What’s in the Final VA, Energy, Legislative Branch Minibus

The final version of a three-bill package lawmakers hope to send soon to President Donald Trump would fund a new Veterans Affairs health-care law, block money for the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste facility, and require Senate candidates to file their finance reports electronically.

Wall Funding Waits While Leaders Rush Bipartisan Spending Bills

The race to complete appropriations bills before the fiscal year ends this month is more likely to benefit Democrats than conservative Republicans, as congressional leaders plan to pass a major domestic spending bill quickly and delay efforts to secure more money for a border wall.