Cheryl Bolen

Cheryl Bolen is Bloomberg BNA’s White House correspondent, covering the positions of the administration as well as regulatory policy. Bolen earned a master’s degree in Communication: Journalism and Public Affairs at the American University in Washington, D.C., and has covered numerous institutions over her 28 years with the company, including Capitol Hill and the Federal Communications Commission.

Blog posts

10 reporters walk into a bar

Republicans on Capitol Hill are days away from introducing a massive tax overhaul bill, leaving the White House to do much of the job of selling the plan to the American people.

Too late: Regulating in a crisis

A new law is often one of the first reactions of the federal government in the immediate aftermath of a deadly crisis, while the goal of regulators is to prevent a crisis in the first place.

White House regulatory office fully staffed

The White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs is now fully staffed with four political appointees to help Administrator Neomi Rao fulfill the president’s deregulatory agenda.

Regulatory activity dips to new lows in Trump administration

The pace of regulatory activity has dipped to new lows in the first six months of the Trump administration, bringing welcome relief to businesses beset by rules from the prior administration, but dismaying public safety and civil rights advocates who fear crises are coming.