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Technocrat | December 7, 2018: Al Is Here to Stay

Last week the nation bid farewell to the 41st U.S. president, George H.W. Bush, who left a legacy beyond his presidency. During his time in the White House, Bush was responsible for several IT reforms by which the government still operates.

Technocrat | December 3, 2018: To the Cloud and Beyond

Welcome to December, the most wonderful time of the year! Although the federal government isn’t feeling so jolly with a possible partial shutdown looming. Congress needs to pass a spending bill by Dec. 7, but more on that next time…

Technocrat | November 27, 2018: The Zuck Hits the Fan

Fallout continues from an explosive New York Times investigation into how top leaders at Facebook handled (or didn’t handle) Russian disinformation campaigns on their platform aimed at interfering with U.S.elections. Facebook’s leadership is again, on the defensive amid a renewed round of withering criticism–with some calling (again) for Mark Zuckerberg to step down or for the FTC to crackdown.

Technocrat | November 19, 2018: Power to the People

It was a difficult week for California, as it continued to deal with devastating wildfires that resulted in many casualties and forced at least 52,000 people to evacuate. NASA created maps using satellite data to show areas damaged most by the fires. It’s the latest example of technology assisting first responders in deciding where urgent help is needed.

Technocrat | November 5, 2018: Moving to the (Hybrid) Cloud

It took a few days, but we’re finally not feeling like zombies after the Halloween sugar binge. Speaking of dead things, NASA has put to rest its Kepler space telescope, which is known for discovering more than 2,600 planets outside our solar system over the past nine years. RIP Kepler, the planet hunter. You’ll be missed.

Technocrat | October 29, 2018: Suspicious Activity Detected

As the Pentagon’s Cyber Command began its first operation to prevent Russian election meddling, the U.S. was also dealing with an outbreak of security threats close to home. Law enforcement was on high alert after numerous suspicious packages were sent to prominent liberals, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Robert De Niro.

Technocrat | October 22, 2018: AI And Blockchain to the Rescue

Artificial intelligence is the future, according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which made a big announcement last week that it was restructuring its academic program around AI. MIT plans to dedicate $1 billion to a new college that combines AI, machine learning, and data science with other disciplines.

Technocrat | October 15, 2018: Pentagon’s Cyber (In)Security Revealed

It was another stormy week—literally and figuratively speaking. Hurricane Michael hit the Florida Panhandle and earned the title of one of the most vicious storms at landfall in U.S. history. NASA’s cameras outside the International Space Station were able to capture details of the fast-moving hurricane.

Technocrat | October 9, 2018: Some (Data) Privacy, Please!

Most of us received the “Presidential Alert” on our phones last week. FEMA wanted to test its new emergency messaging system, but instead ended up creating a lot of confusion and unease. The Integrated Public Alert Warning System, or IPAWS, is designed to inform the public about a major national emergency. Despite the alert’s puzzling name, it didn’t actually come from the president. Still, many are concerned about this type of system and see it as an invasion of personal privacy.

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