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Technocrat | October 15, 2018: Pentagon’s Cyber (In)Security Revealed

It was another stormy week—literally and figuratively speaking. Hurricane Michael hit the Florida Panhandle and earned the title of one of the most vicious storms at landfall in U.S. history. NASA’s cameras outside the International Space Station were able to capture details of the fast-moving hurricane.

Technocrat | October 9, 2018: Some (Data) Privacy, Please!

Most of us received the “Presidential Alert” on our phones last week. FEMA wanted to test its new emergency messaging system, but instead ended up creating a lot of confusion and unease. The Integrated Public Alert Warning System, or IPAWS, is designed to inform the public about a major national emergency. Despite the alert’s puzzling name, it didn’t actually come from the president. Still, many are concerned about this type of system and see it as an invasion of personal privacy.

Suspending the Rules with Bloomberg Government’s New Analyst-Hosted Podcast

Bloomberg Government’s new podcast, Suspending the Rules, put a new spin on what’s happening in Washington. In this newly launched podcast, BGOV analysts Adam M. Taylor and Adam Schank, take on issues impacting the federal government, policy, The White House and Washington.

Technocrat | October 1, 2018: A Prime Way to Procure

The government can learn a lot from the private sector when it comes to using technology in innovative ways. Just look at Tinder’s new “Swipe the Vote” campaign, designed to educate young voters and get them to the polls this November. The social dating app may not be an obvious choice for increasing voter turnout, but it’s an ingenious way of driving civic engagement among 18-to-24-year-olds.

Technocrat | September 24, 2018: To Shut Down or Not to Shut Down? That Is the Question

There may not be a government shutdown this year. The budgetary stars have aligned so far. That’s a big deal, given the government’s history of blown deadlines.

Air Force Budget Priorities: Event Replay

The briefing took place less than 24 hours after the publication of a memo written by Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson outlining a new force structure that called for more than a dozen new aircraft squadrons. It also provided a first glimpse at Space Force, though one sharply at odds with the concept described by Vice President Mike Pence in August.

Technocrat | September 17, 2018: Escaping Tech’s ‘Valley of Death’

All eyes were on Hurricane Florence last week, as it threatened to pound the Carolina coasts. Both NASA and the NOAA released impressive images of the massive storm, captured by a fleet of weather satellites and astronauts on the International Space Station. For first responders on land, monitoring areas where Florence touched down was challenging. That’s when technology came to the rescue. A group of Purdue University researchers created an online platform to help first responders monitor social media posts for people in need of help.

BGOVMarkets: A Simple Way to Refine Your Go-to-Market Strategy

Need a quick, reliable way to size complex federal markets and find new recompete opportunities? Try BGOVMarkets.

Technocrat | September 10, 2018: Spend IT Like It’s Hot

Schools are back in session nationwide. (Sorry, kids!) It’s also a busy time for the federal government, which is in the midst of its “use it or lose it” end-of-year spending frenzy. With only a few months left in the current fiscal year, eight of the 10 highest-spending federal agencies have not used as much as 40 percent of their budgets, according to one report. But that’s no excuse to waste government money, cautioned a bipartisan group of senators in letters sent to CFOs at 13 agencies.

Technocrat | September 3, 2018: Inside GSA’s New Government-wide Contract

Another week, another contract, and this time with even catchier acronyms. The General Services Administration is in the process of creating a new government-wide contracting vehicle for services related to manned and unmanned systems.