What to Know in Washington: Biden Eviction Ban Eases Liberal Ire

President Joe Biden quelled for now a brewing confrontation with progressive Democrats with a new moratorium on evictions during the pandemic, but the order invites a legal fight with high-stakes consequences for public health that the government may well lose.

HEALTH CARE BRIEFING: CDC Issues New Eviction Moratorium

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention extended a ban evictions in areas of the country with substantial and high transmission of coronavirus yesterday, after a firestorm of criticism from Democrats following the lapse of a previous moratorium on Saturday.

Infrastructure Deal Shirks Big Spending on Cut-Off Neighborhoods

A new program to reconnect communities split by highways would get $1 billion in the Senate infrastructure bill, just 5% of what the Biden administration initially proposed, and well below the cost of major projects.

What’s Next in ‘Never-Never Land’: Ballots & Boundaries (1)

What to Know in Washington: Potential Hurdles on Infrastructure

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-N.Y.) plan to pass a $550 billion infrastructure bill this week hit a potential obstacle from a surprising source when a key Republican announced he tested positive for Covid-19 and would quarantine for 10 days.

HEALTH CARE BRIEFING: House Eyes Drug Cost Cap in Employer Plans

House Democrats agree with employer, labor and consumer groups that commercial health plans should be included in sweeping health-care legislation designed to curb drug prices, according to sources.

Meet the Technocrat Who Keeps Killing Trump Voter Fraud Claims

Christopher Thomas took a consulting gig last year thinking he’d use his decades of experience as Michigan’s elections director to help Detroit prepare for a recount.

Energy Cyber Role Unfilled Over Power Struggle as Hacks Increase

A showdown is brewing between Congress and the Biden administration over whether a political appointee or a nonpartisan civil servant should lead the Energy Department’s cybersecurity office, a role that’s become critically important given the increased frequency of cyberattacks on energy infrastructure.

Advocates Restart Border Suit After Negotiations Hit Impasse (1)

Immigrants’ rights advocates are pushing ahead with litigation against the Biden administration after negotiations over ending or narrowing a U.S.-Mexico border restriction “reached an impasse,” according to a court filing.

What to Know in Washington: Senate Poised to Pass Infrastructure

The Senate is heading toward passage this week of the $550 billion infrastructure bill that would provide the biggest infusion of federal spending on public works in decades and mark a major milestone for President Joe Biden’s economic agenda.
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