HEALTH CARE BRIEFING: States See More Hospitalized Young People

Throughout previous waves of Covid-19, children and young adults eluded the coronavirus’s gravest consequences, exhibiting mild symptoms or none at all. Now faster-spreading strains are sending more to the hospital. Fatalities remain low, but doctors say the virus is now making young people sicker, including some gravely.

Smaller Delegations, Less Clout: States Brace For Census Report

States will soon learn if they’re going to gain or lose ground in the House of Representatives and in presidential elections.

Watchdogs Urge Defense Chief Austin to Curtail Budget Wish Lists

Fifteen organizations are pressing Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to slash the military services’ wish lists that alert lawmakers to what the president excluded in the annual budget request sent to Congress.

Democrats to Propose $15 Billion to Address Highway Inequities

Democrats began translating President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan into legislation Monday with a bill to reconnect urban communities cut off by highways.

What to Know in Washington: Biden Works to Deliver on Climate

President Joe Biden aims to prove to the world this week that the U.S. has rejoined the international fight against climate change by vowing cuts in greenhouse gas emissions that are both ambitious and achievable.

HEALTH CARE BRIEFING: Privacy Questions Loom on Vaccine Passport

Privacy fears around the public display of vaccination status for Covid-19 threaten to hamper the rollout of a technology that could play a big part in reopening society and stemming the spread of the virus.

What to Know in Washington: Biden, Suga Meeting All About China

President Joe Biden’s effort to harness U.S. alliances in Asia to counter China will get a test run during his summit with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga today -- his first in-person meeting with a foreign leader since taking office.

HEALTH CARE BRIEFING: Holistic Drug Reform Eyed to Fix Inequity

Lawmakers seeking to lower drug costs should take a comprehensive approach rather than focus solely on manufacturers’ pricing practices—a strategy that’s only created disparities in the marketplace, policy analysts say.

Republicans’ Big Tech Plan Gives Democrats’ Opening for Overhaul

A legislative outline from House Republican staff to overhaul the regulation of technology companies such as Facebook and Google shows room for bipartisan and industry agreement this Congress.

Gender Wage Gap Bill Passes House as Democrats Press for Equity

House lawmakers passed legislation Thursday to close pay gaps for women by tackling loopholes in federal wage equity law, a priority for President Joe Biden’s administration.
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