Federal Appropriations/Agency Spending

FY22 IT Budget Breakdown: What to Watch

The fiscal 2022 budget request represents an important signal of the new administration’s priorities and initiatives. Join BGOV analysts for a complete IT budget breakdown of what to watch.

The Biden Administration’s Budget Proposal

Join Bloomberg Government analysts for a live review of the Biden administration’s first budget proposal and receive answers to your key questions.

Ten Markets to Watch in 2021

Ten markets to watch for federal contractors – and why.

FY 2021 Contracting Playbook

Get ahead of your competition with intel on the five trends that will shape government contracting in FY 2021, including the top 20 opportunities to watch.

FY21 Governmentwide Acquisition Forecasts

Join BGOV as we cover governmentwide acquisition forecasts. Get ahead of your competition and further left of RFP by identifying potential opportunities most likely to come up for competition in fiscal 2021 before solicitations are released.

FY21 Air Force Budget Priorities Briefing

BGOV analysts Cameron Leuthy and Robert Levinson will take a deep dive into the Air Force and Space Force budget for fiscal year 2021 and beyond to examine where the money is going.

FY21 Navy-Marine Corps Budget Priorities

Register for our on-demand webinar to learn more about budget and priorities so you can fulfill your mission of winning contracts and participating in the Navy’s efforts in waters around the world.

In/Site Breakfast With Under Secretary of the Treasury Brent McIntosh

On March 5, Bloomberg Government will host an exclusive breakfast with the United States Department of Treasury Under Secretary Brent McIntosh. Moderated by BGOV analyst, Michael Smallberg, this breakfast serves as an insight into the Under Secretary’s priorities for the year and a look ahead to what’s to come from the Office of International Affairs.

FY21 IT Budget Breakdown: What to Watch

The fiscal 2021 budget request represents an important signal of the administration’s priorities and initiatives – there’s $92.2 billion for unclassified information technology projects.

FY21 Defense Budget Breakdown: What to Know

The fiscal 2021 budget request is basically flat – no increase from fiscal 2020 – but the mix is changing, reflecting tough choices in the Pentagon not only this year but in the years ahead.

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