Top-Performing Lobbying Firms

2022 was another record-breaking year of growth

Lobbying spending in Washington reached a new high of $4 billion in 2022, continuing a multiyear streak driven by legislation aimed at climate change, inflation, infrastructure, and manufacturing.

Bloomberg Government analyzed Lobbying Disclosure Act reports from all 2,105 registered lobbying firms that filed with the Senate in 2022. Our eighth annual report focuses on 363 firms that reported $1 million or more in revenue and lobbying activity in each quarter of the year. See who made the list.

High-Performing Lobbying Firms of 2022

This chart details the top 10 firms that reported $1 million or more in revenue in 2022. For the full list, download the 2022 Top Performing Lobbying Report.

Firms With Largest Increase in Revenue

These firms posted dramatic increases in their 2021 to 2022 revenue. Read which other firms experienced high revenue surges on the 2022 Top Performing Lobbying Report.

Bloomberg Government identified 81 major lobbying firms that exceeded thresholds in several key business metrics in 2022. Criteria focus on growth, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

Bracewell LLP and Todd Strategy LLC are on the list for the sixth time. Check out what other firms made our 2022 standout list. Download the full report.

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From individual company profiles highlighting 2021 performance metrics, LDA filings, client lists, total spending, and more – you’ll find all you need to make informed decisions on your lobbying investments.