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Technocrat | April 22, 2019: Feeling (In)Secure

When special counsel Robert Mueller delivered his long-awaited report last week, it became evident that America’s election security needs major improvements and they need to happen fast — before the 2020 presidential election. 

Technocrat | April 15, 2019: JEDI Is Back on Track

There was an abundance of cloud-related news last week, with the Pentagon’s $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud contract dominating headlines.

Technocrat | April 8, 2019: Budget Secrecy Takes Hold

Welcome to a new week in the world of government IT! This week we try to figure out how the Trump administration plans to spend money in the year ahead.

Technocrat | April 1, 2019: AI to the Rescue

In the age of advanced technologies, it’s hard to believe some things haven’t changed in decades — such as NASA’s spacesuits. The agency canceled the first ever all-female spacewalk because it didn’t have enough spacesuits that would fit a woman. No, that’s not an April Fools’ joke.

Technocrat | March 25, 2019: The Numbers Are In

The White House has released more details about President Donald Trump’s 2020 budget request, and it’s filled with suggestions to modernize an antiquated civil service system.

Technocrat | March 15, 2019: In the Clear

More than half of all federal jobs — approximately 3 million federal civilian and military positions — require security clearances ranging from confidential to top secret. A year ago, the National Background Investigations Bureau was facing a backlog of 725,000 pending security clearances and other investigations. Today, that number stands at 542,000, while about 103,000 […]

Technocrat | March 11, 2019: Cyber Warriors Wanted

The government’s critical shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals is a hot topic that has federal CIO Suzette Kent feeling insecure about the state of the current workforce.

Technocrat | March 1, 2019: You’re Hired!

It’s no secret the federal government has a hard time recruiting and retaining professionals in information technology. Federal workers earn 32 percent less compared with those who work in the private sector and, on top of that, the hiring process is infamously slow.

Technocrat | February 25, 2019: There’s No Business Like Cloud Business

It has been more than a week since President Donald Trump signed a spending bill that provides full-year appropriations for federal agencies. But even with the prospect of another partial government shutdown behind us, tensions remain high over U.S.-Mexico border wall funding.

Technocrat | February 15, 2019: Show Me the (AI) Money!

Before we dive into the news, let’s bid farewell to Opportunity, one of two NASA rovers sent to Mars in 2004. During its 15 years of exploration, the rover sent some impressive images from the Red Planet, and this slideshow captures the magnitude of that journey.