The prospects for rewriting the tax code may be the best in decades, and Washington is abuzz with the possibility. While it won’t be an easy legislative feat, President Trump and House Republicans are giving it their best shot, attempting to replicate Reagan’s top-to-bottom rewrite of the code in 1986. Tune into Bloomberg Government to follow the developments.

The last tax overhaul

It took bipartisan collaboration and 13 months of legislative action to pass the last overhaul in 1986.

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Brady tries to soften border tax by proposing five-year phase-in

House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady on Tuesday floated a five-year phase-in for his controversial border-adjusted tax on domestic sales and imported goods as a way to ease its negative impact.

To reform or not reform the tax code

Tax Reform remains a major priority for Republicans in Congress and the President. But, it will be one of the most difficult things to achieve in Washington.

House GOP must bridge gaps on budget before moving to taxes

House Republicans say they aren’t close to agreeing on a budget blueprint they have to approve before they can move ahead with one of their top priorities: a tax overhaul.

How the House could modify border adjustment tax

The border adjustment tax falls somewhere between dead on arrival and the nation’s greatest hope for jump-starting the economy—depending on who you ask.