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Fall 2018 Hill Watch

Congress returns after Labor Day with only a few weeks to resolve government funding and expiring programs before attention shifts to the November elections.

Race to the Finish—Maximizing Q4 Opportunities

Government spending accelerates in the fourth quarter of the federal fiscal year, making it a critical period for contractors that can take advantage of Q4 spending and lay the groundwork for fiscal 2019.

Blockchain in Government: Pilot Programs, Investments and the Outlook for Growth

It’s perhaps ironic that a technology created to bypass central authority might one day become that central authority’s key engine of innovation. Such is the case with distributed ledger technology, better known as blockchain.

Blockchain was introduced to the world as the record-keeping mechanism for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, created as an alternative to the global financial system and fiat money backed by central governments.

BGOV200: Federal Industry Leaders 2018

Bloomberg Government is proud to present the seventh annual BGOV200 Federal Industry Leaders rankings. 

Federal IT Budget & Contract Opportunities Report

The Federal IT Budget & Contract Opportunities report finds that about 71 percent of the government-wide information technology was spent on federal contracting and the remaining 29 percent is toward internal agency operation between fiscal 2014 and 2018. Most of those contract obligations go toward IT modernization, including cloud computing, cybersecurity, data analytics, and artificial intelligence.

The 2018 Mid-Tier Market Report

The 2018 Mid-Tier Market Report highlights federal spending trends within the mid-tier market, key drivers that led to growth, and how multiple-award contract competition is impacting performance.

Navy-Marine Corps Budget Priorities

This report explores the Navy’s unique mission, which requires it to maintain a global presence in peacetime and in wartime, and describes its challenges and strategic plans for investing in future capabilities.

Spring 2018 Hill Watch

Lawmakers return from a two-week break with a full plate of work before Washington’s attention shifts to the midterm elections.

2018 Government Affairs Outlook

Bloomberg Government’s 2018 Government Affairs Outlook examines and highlights Congress’ packed legislative agenda on key issue areas.

Supercomputer and Server Assembly At Bull As Software Maker Atos Looks To Acquire French Technology Company

2018 Outlook: Five Trends That Will Shape Federal Contracting In 2018

Bloomberg Government’s 2018 Federal Contracting Outlook highlights the major trends that will affect companies doing business with the federal government.