Top-Performing Lobbying Firms of 2016

Lobbying is big business in Washington. With 2016 lobbying data now filed, we’ve taken a data-driven approach that look across six critical business metrics to determine the top performing firms.

How Will Lobbyists and Executives Navigate the Presidential Transition?

The Trump administration will take office on Jan. 20, offering tons of opportunities for business leaders and lobbyists to get involved as advisers and appointees in the executive branch. But not without restrictions. Here’s what lobbyists and executives should know to prepare. (November 2016)

How Washington Works: A Guide to Lobbying Careers

So you want a successful lobbying career? Then you’ll need broad experience beyond Hill relationships. We talked to some of the top names in lobbying to put together this guide for establishing and maintaining a fulfilling career. (April 2016)

2015 Top Lobbying Firms

Bloomberg Government takes a data-driven approach that looks across six critical business performance metrics to determine who are the 2015 top lobbying performers. (March 2016)

2016 Dates You Need to Know Infographic

What’s ahead in 2016? Rely on Bloomberg Government to always know what’s driving Washington’s agenda. Download this infographic to learn all the dates you need to know. (January 2016)

Government Affairs Brochure

In government affairs, it’s your job to know Washington, backward and forward. To master Washington’s complexity, it takes data, analytics, insight—and speed. Download our government affairs overview brochure to learn more. (December 2015)

Top Lobbying Firms–Q3 2015

At Bloomberg Government, we’ve introduced a data-driven approach to understanding the business of lobbying by analyzing public and proprietary data across six critical performance metrics. (December 2015)