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2022 Midterm Elections Outlook

The 2022 midterm elections are shaping up to be historic, with Republicans needing to gain only one seat to take control of the Senate and only five for control of the House – one of the smallest margins for either party in decades. In addition to possible shifts in the balance of congressional power, there are 36 gubernatorial races across the country.

Our recent OnPoint stakeholder presentation provides essential intel on the midterms, from a detailed look at upcoming primaries to trends likely to shape the outcome of the general election on November 8. While the president’s low approval rating and inflation are likely to prove a drag on the Democrats, our expert analysts examine both parties’ advantages.

Highlights include:

  • Congressional and gubernatorial races to watch
  • Historic midterm trends
  • Critical issues to watch
  • What to expect from redistricting and reapportionment
  • A deep dive into congressional district demographics

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