Mark Fisk

IBM Digital

Mr. Fisk is a Partner in IBM Digital for Global Business Services focused on the Public Service Industry.  Mr. Fisk has over twenty-five years of experience in executive consulting, release management, project management, software development, and technical leadership roles.

As leader of IBM’s Public Service Blockchain initiatives (#blockchain) he is working with federal/state governments, higher education institutions, as well as citizen advocates in order to address dilemmas with the current roadblocks which reduce value and prevent trust, transparency, and accountability in today’s business networks.

In combination with Blockchain capabilities, Mr. Fisk is leveraging Design Thinking, Cognitive Process Design, Personalization, and technologies such as IoT and Analytics in order to re-imagine how Public Services organizations will work in the future to support the full lifecycle of business network interactions – especially those involving the constituents of government (#CitizenCentricGov).