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BGOV200 Top Professional Services


Top 10 Professional Services Contractors Engineering, marketing, management consulting, and more. The knowledge-based services or professional services market, which covers the most expansive categories of spending such as engineering, marketing, management consulting, and other areas, grew by about $6.6 billion from fiscal 2017 to 2018. In fiscal...

BGOV200: Federal Industry Leaders 2019


Now in its eighth year, the 2019 report dissects the top 200 federal contractors moving the needle. With billions of dollars in business, these companies have made their mark on the nation’s capital – from established players to new, innovative shops mining fresh opportunities.

BGOV200 Top Funding Agencies


Top 10 Funding Agencies Find Out Which Agencies Have Significant Spending Power. Defense contract spending was $372.5 billion in fiscal 2018, a $40.5 billion increase from fiscal 2017. It has grown by $91 billion since fiscal 2015. In fiscal 2018, DOD’s largest bureaus were the Navy, with contract spending steady at nearly $115 billion; the Army wi...

BGOV200 Top Contracts of FY18


Top Contracts of FY18 Blockbuster Contracts That Dominated Fiscal 2018 marks the third straight year of federal contract spending growth. Both large and small companies capitalized on the $559 billion that was put on contracts during the year – the most since $562 billion in fiscal 2010. Specifically, contracting dollars increased by $46.3 billion...

BGOV200 Top 10 Research and Development Contractors


Top 10 Research & Development Contractors These Companies Are Achieving Greatness – Innovation in Government. Research and development increased by $2 billion from fiscal 2017 to 2018 for a total of $44.6 billion. This category is dominated largely by defense contractors such as Lockheed Martin Corp., which owns $4.2 billion of the market value...

BGOV200 Government Contractors That Slid


Government Contractors That Slid See how this year’s market and contract trends have affected companies. Government contracting can ebb and flow based on contract wins for the year. 2018 data shows 68 companies lost ground in the BGOV200 rankings, down from 92 the previous year. Out of 200 companies, these 10 saw the most downward mobility in 2018...

BGOV200 Top 10 Federal Contractors


Top 10 Federal Contractors The Giants of the Government Contracting Universe. Consistent with recent years, most of the market-moving companies in fiscal 2018 relied on spending in certain categories, such as weapons and ammunition – which increased to $28.8 billion in fiscal 2018 from $20 billion in fiscal 2017 – to improve their positions. Howeve...

BGOV200 Government Contractors on the Rise


Government Contractors on the Rise Movers, Shakers, and Government Groundbreakers Fiscal 2018 contracting dollars increased by $46.3 billion compared with the previous year – that’s good news for contractors. With more contracting dollars on the table, 118 companies improved their rankings, up from 92 in fiscal 2017; 32 companies are new entrants t...



BGOV200 - The Top Government Contractors in FY18 With $559 billion on the line, these 200 government contractors dominated. Bloomberg Government Exclusive Report Bloomberg Government presents the eighth annual BGOV200 – a ranking of the top 200 federal contractors based on prime contracts awarded in fiscal 2018. The report finds 118 companies impro...

DHS Says It Will Move Ahead With FirstSource III: Top 20


The Department of Homeland Security plans to issue a follow-on to its FirstSource II contract, according to a July 15 announcement by DHS chief procurement officer, Soraya Correa. The follow-on, FirstSource III, is the focus of this week’s Top 20 Opportunities.