Find the (right) opportunities.

Opportunity search

Winning government contracts isn’t just about finding open opportunities. It’s about surfacing the right opportunity. Only Bloomberg Government unearths information buried deep within hard-to-access government documents—so you can find hidden opportunities and zero in on the contracts you’re most likely to win.

Search within attachments

Most RFP and RFI searches only scan the title and description. The BGOV Opportunity Search is unique because it enables you to hunt for keywords in the critical documents attached to an FBO notice, such as amendments and statements of work. On average, Opportunity Search picks up 265 percent more opportunities than competing solutions or FBO searches alone.

See relevant results, fast

Opportunity Search also enables you to exclude terms from your search to show even more relevant results. For example, you might choose to filter out Lowest Price Technically Available (LPTA) opportunities to protect your margins—keywords that are always buried within the SOW. Create and save customized searches using criteria such as Contracting Agency, NAICS Code, Classification Code or Set-Aside Type—and even highly specific keywords such as a National Stock Number (NSN) for products you sell. Then get a notification the moment a valid opportunity is added to our constantly updated database of tens of thousands of opportunities.

Monitor incumbents

Opportunity Search enables you to easily toggle between new requirements and recompetes, where you can see all the information on incumbents you need to fully evaluate the opportunity, including total contract value and burn rate. Seamless integration with BGOV workflow tools enables you to add preferred opportunities straight to your pipeline and identify the right partners you need to win.

Accurate, reliable data

With millions of dollars on the line, you can’t afford to rely on hearsay. The BGOV platform provides the peace of mind that only comes from having the globe’s premier business intelligence organization at your back. Our analysts review all solicitation and contract postings, clean them up using a unique 12-step process and manually override contract values and dates to account for inaccuracies in reported data. They further connect solicitations to related notices and documents, awarded contracts and task orders and the federal budget—linking companies, places, agencies, offices and people, so you never miss a thing.

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