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Bloomberg Government’s dedicated team of journalists is first to break the stories that matter. We go beyond insider gossip to deliver news from deep within government departments and federal agencies. But the world doesn’t end at the Beltway. That’s why Bloomberg also gives you access to the same market-moving coverage of global business and politics relied on by the world’s financial professionals to give them an edge.

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Breaking news

Bloomberg First Word is the fastest breaking news team in Washington, beating other Hill publications and national media outlets to the story 80 percent of the time, and by an average of four minutes.

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Bloomberg News’s 2,400 editorial professionals in 150 worldwide bureaus produce more than 5,000 stories a day. BGOV also gives you access to more than 35,000 state, national and international sources—so important stories never slip through the cracks.

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Stay a step or 10 ahead of your clients, bosses and stakeholders. Build a custom newsfeed from more than 20 topics to surface the most important stories throughout the day, and get instant alerts on the topics that matter most, direct to your email and mobile device.

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