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Federal agencies

Working at a federal agency, you serve your country every day. It’s your job to meet the agency’s mission, no matter what challenges you face. Bloomberg Government delivers the news, data, insight and perspective your team needs to know what’s happening on the Hill—and respond effectively to every issue.

Breaking news & newsletters

From breaking news inside the Beltway to global events that Washington can’t ignore, nobody covers business and policy like Bloomberg, but hearing the headlines first is only the beginning.

  • Get the news that matters to you from Bloomberg’s 2,400 journalists and more than 35,000 global sources
  • Receive our daily budget & appropriations newsletter to stay on top of every update to government funding
  • Track events, hearings and markups and legislation

> News & alerts
> Insight & analysis

Markups, summaries & transcripts

When it comes to legislation and regulation, you’re already working as hard as you can. BGOV solutions help you work smarter and make the most effective use of your existing resources.

  • Access verbatim hearing transcripts across committees and sub-committees—instantly
  • Get full markup coverage within hours of committee adjournment, and track every update to new legislation and regulation
  • Use our exclusive bill summaries to quickly get up to speed on the latest legislation, and follow developments in real-time with live updates from our team of floor watchers

> Legislative tracking
> Regulation tracking

Congressional documents & directories

Get a direct line to the right people quickly and easily with the most accurate and up-to-date congressional directory, and access important legislative documents without needing to tap your contacts.

  • Get a comprehensive list of congressional staffers, searchable by name, title, issue area, chamber and more, including key personal and biographical information
  • Access CRS Reports and Dear Colleague letters
  • Put Washington in your pocket with e-newsletters, e-mail alerts & the BGOV app for mobile devices.

> Directories & outreach

When you need to get the job done, fast, only Bloomberg Government provides the insight and access you need. All on a single, powerful platform.

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