Expanding Opportunities for Midsize Contractors

Mid-tier companies occupy a unique position in the federal marketplace. Too big to qualify for small-business preferences and lacking the resources to compete with larger contractors, MCCC released its midsize initiative: Building Growth Beyond Small.

Businesses larger than $38.5 million in revenues or 1,500 employees must compete with the largest businesses, with over $500 million in revenue for contract opportunities, thus putting many contracts out of reach.

According to the Bloomberg Government study, “The Mid-Tier Paradox:  Too Small To Compete, Too Large to Survive,” despite some mid-tier successes and seemingly strong performance data, evidence is emerging that certain government acquisition practices may lead mid-size company growth to slow or stall, causing a drop in average revenues.

MCCC recommends three initial steps to address this problem:
1. Agency: Bring Multiple Award Contracts (MAC) requirements in line with the capabilities of midsize firms.
2. Regulatory: Require a five-year look-back for the purpose of Small Business Administration (SBA) size determination.
3. Legislative: Deduct research and development (R&D) expenses and expenditures from total revenue for size determination.

Hosted by Bloomberg Government, midsize contractors will convene to review these initiatives, scope the market and discuss implementation.

September 7, 2017
9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
1101 K St NW, Suite 500
Washington, DC 20005 Map
9:30  AM Registration & Networking
10:00 AM Opening Remarks
Donald Thomas
, Vice President and General Manager, Bloomberg Government
Gigi Godwin
, President and CEO, Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce
10:10 AM

Midsize Market Overview and Mid-Tier Success Factors

Paul Murphy, Senior Data Analyst, Bloomberg Government

10:30 AM

A panel of midsize contractors will debate and discuss the three initiatives proposed.

Bruce Brooke, Vice President Business Development, EPS Corporation
Michael E. Melo, President/CEO, ITA International LLC
Bill Sabo, CEO, Evolver, Inc.

Steve Ramaley, Associate, Miles & Stockbridge

11:15 AM

A panel of small business contractors will review the implications of the initiatives.

Lisa Firestone, President & Owner, Managed Care Advisors, Inc.
Bruce Lansdowne, President & CEO, Trinity Technology Partners, Inc.
Reuben Maher, Partner, Blue Canopy Group

Ann Sullivan, President and Founder, Madison Services Group

12:00 PM Closing Remarks
Donald Thomas
, Vice President and General Manager, Bloomberg Government
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