Automating the Federal Future

Federal agencies are expected to spend over $14 billion on IT modernization in fiscal 2019 in an effort to improve productivity, reliability, and security. Across all aspects of modernization, automating manual processes is proven to increase reliability by reducing manual errors, decreasing time to deliver IT assets, and enhancing self-service capabilities for the enterprise.

Join Bloomberg Government and Red Hat for a live webcast to explore how automation is accelerating the delivery of government services and enhancing security for cloud environments.

Automation minimizes the potential for human error, which could lead to security vulnerabilities, sub-optimal IT performance, and delays in achieving authority to operate. In addition, automation can free up government employees to focus on what matters: their agencies’ mission objectives.

Speakers will share lessons from leading IT practitioners in government and industry, including:

  • The areas where automation can deliver the greatest return on investment.
  • How to make a business case for modernization.
  • The skills and tools needed to position your teams for success.
  • How to measure success and communicate that to stakeholders.
August 1, 2018
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
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