Deloitte: Culture of Innovation and Diversity Brings Success

An increase in contracts with DOD and DHS in FY18 helped Deloitte jump 12 spots on this year’s BGOV200.

Deloitte jumped up the BGOV200 list to No. 39 this year from No. 51 last year, a reflection of dedication to innovation and a culture that values the work of helping government clients meet citizen needs. The company is growing strongly and has the distinction of being seen as a good place to work by the newest generation of employees.

“I like to think the reason why we’ve done well is that we are very mission-focused,” says Mike Canning, Deloitte’s Government and Public Services practice leader. “What is the mission of our clients? What are they trying to get accomplished that is unique and specific to their needs?”

The company won contracts with a wide variety of agencies in the last year, including some high-profile work with the VA, NASA, and Defense Health Agency.

Deloitte and two others won a contract to transform how the VA measures, collects, and follows through on feedback via the Veteran Oriented Interactive Customer Evaluation (VOICE) program. The effort involves collecting survey data to represent the perspectives of the nine million veterans served by the country’s largest integrated health care system.

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Another notable contract for Deloitte involves helping NASA develop a concept of operations for urban air mobility, part of an effort focusing on creating new air vehicles that can integrate into the U.S. air transportation system.

With the Defense Health Agency, Deloitte is working to encourage beneficiaries of the TRICARE health system to participate more actively in their care delivery via the “Take Command” campaign. This publicity effort won a number of prestigious awards, including a Silver Anvil from the Public Relations Society of America and a Hermes Creative Platinum Award.

“By bringing a diverse set of capabilities to the table, we were able to deliver exactly what the client needed,” Canning says.

The diversity and innovation of the company’s contracting work is possible in part because of a workplace culture that values people and what each brings to the team. Deloitte maintains significant diversity and inclusion activity in the workplace and proactively strives to increase diversity in leadership, with excellent results.

“To me it’s very important that our leaders be diverse and represent different backgrounds of all different types,” Canning says. “It’s a logical set of moves based on how people have been growing up and developing at our firm.”

And it’s an approach that is preparing Deloitte to thrive in a future in which large projects require multiple capabilities and fresh perspectives.

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