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Get to Know the 117th Congress

Directories are your key to finding the right people to contact about the issues that matter most to your organization. Sort by criteria such as committees and leadership positions, export lists, manage outreach, and more – directly from the platform.

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The Essential Toolkit for Government Affairs

Amid unprecedented global change, one thing remains constant for government affairs professionals: You still have to deliver results. We cover the six things you need to know to stay on top of legislative developments and connect with policy makers.

2021 Congressional Calendar

Easily track both the House and Senate schedules with our 2021 combined congressional calendar. Bloomberg Government subscribers have full access to presentation-ready slides outlining the key deadlines driving the agenda for the 117th Congress.

In the News

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Schumer Grasps for Democratic Unity With Majority on the Line

Redistricting Turns Allies Into Rivals as Lawmakers Get Paired

Your Guide to Navigating the Federal Budget Process

Explore each step of the federal budget process and timeline, from the president’s budget proposal through the start of the fiscal year.

Giroux’s Gems

Greg Giroux, Senior Reporter

Stay informed about Congressional news and analysis. Explore the latest developments on Capitol Hill, and follow Greg’s insights to get just the facts, none of the fluff.

Voter Demographics and Turnout

Through in-depth analysis of census data, this report reveals how the U.S. population is evolving and breaks down the demographics of eligible voters, voter turnout, and congressional districts.

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2020 Compensation Trends in Government Relations

Get data on the gender gap in the areas of salary, compensation, benefits, and other important issues.

Post-Election Briefing

Examine the short- and long-term policy impacts for transportation, health care, energy, and budget and appropriations.

Events and Webinars

Make the connections you need at our informative sessions – including exclusive engagements with Washington’s most prominent minds.

Know What’s Important
and What’s Noise

Balance of Power

The balance of power in Congress has a major impact on legislative priorities and outcomes. Learn how the 2020 Congressional races measured up to pre-election expectations.

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Our journalists provide insights and context for the most significant government developments.

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