Suspending the Rules with Bloomberg Government’s New Analyst-Hosted Podcast

October 3, 2018 Bloomberg Government

Bloomberg Government’s new podcast, Suspending the Rules, put a new spin on what’s happening in Washington.

In this newly launched podcast, BGOV analysts Adam M. Taylor and Adam Schank, take on issues impacting the federal government, policy, The White House and Washington. From immigration to tax regulation, budget, mid-term elections and more, each segment of the show breaks down these issues and gives viewers an uncluttered glimpse at current happenings.

In the featured segment, Immigration Stalls Spending Bills, FAA Deal Takes Flight, BGOV faces immigration issues head on. Immigration debates related to the 2020 census, immigration courts, and the border wall are major hurdles as Congress faces a new Dec. 7 deadline to fully fund the government. On this week’s episode of Suspending the Rules, Bloomberg Government’s Michael Smallberg breaks down some of these debates.

Last week, the House passed a bill that would be the first long-term reauthorization for the Federal Aviation Administration since 2012. In the second segment, Bloomberg Government’s Sarah Babbage and Shaun Courtney discuss what’s in the deal and why the multiyear extension has been stuck on the tarmac for so long.

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Hosts: Adam M. Taylor and Adam Schank | Producers: Adam M. Taylor and Adam Schank | Sound Engineer: Nico Anzalotta-Kynoch.

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