Microsoft OK to Help Candidates Curb Cyber Threats, FEC Says

Microsoft Corp. may offer special cybersecurity assistance to political candidates without violating campaign finance rules against corporate contributions, the Federal Election Commission ruled.

Microsoft asked for the FEC’s approval of a plan to offer “enhanced online security services” to “election sensitive customers” as part of a new initiative called “Account Guard.” The program responds to heightened concerns following Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Republicans Stall on Election Security Bill, Await Briefing

Republican senators balked at approving an election security bill aimed at protecting voting systems from foreign hacking, forcing the Senate Rules and Administration Committee to postpone a scheduled meeting today to consider the measure.

DHS Says It Will Play a Bigger Role in Federal Cybersecurity Efforts

Facing “pervasive” and “increasingly sophisticated” cyber threats, the Department of Homeland Security is adapting its approach to cybersecurity, Deputy Assistant Secretary Matthew Travis said at an Aug. 16 industry day held in Arlington, Virginia. Senior DHS officials also described key changes to the department’s role in governmentwide cybersecurity efforts and offered a forecast of procurement opportunities available through fiscal 2020.

Cyber Expert Shortage Forces Fed Move to ‘Security as a Service’

By now, most federal technology leaders are probably familiar with terms like “infrastructure as a service,” “platform as a service,” and “software as a service,” referring to the three most common deployment models for cloud computing. But what about “Security Operations Centers as a service”?

How Blockchain is Empowering Cyberpunks and Governments Alike

Blockchain was introduced to the world as the record-keeping mechanism for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, created as an alternative to the global financial system and fiat money backed by central governments.

Marine Corps Wants a Big Data Solution—and Wants It Fast

The U.S. Marine Corps is seeking proposals for a Big Data Platform prototype that can store and analyze top secret data on cyberthreats.

Fusing Insight and Security: A Q&A With NSA CIO Greg Smithberger

According to NSA Capabilities Director and Chief Information Officer Greg Smithberger, the agency has built a “data fusion environment” enabling analysts to synthesize thousands of terabytes of data.

Trump’s cyber order excites government contractors

U.S. government contractors are celebrating the benefits they see in a cybersecurity executive order that President Donald Trump signed on May 11.

Continuing resolution can’t stop spending on tech

The continuing resolution can’t hold back IT spending, especially on contracts related to cybersecurity.

Innovative cyber intelligence worth $300M

The Air Force Research Laboratory is opening a five-year, $300 million pool for innovations in intelligence gathering involving spectrum signals intelligence, electronic warfare, and cyber operations.