Fusing Insight and Security: A Q&A With NSA CIO Greg Smithberger

According to NSA Capabilities Director and Chief Information Officer Greg Smithberger, the agency has built a “data fusion environment” enabling analysts to synthesize thousands of terabytes of data.

Trump’s cyber order excites government contractors

U.S. government contractors are celebrating the benefits they see in a cybersecurity executive order that President Donald Trump signed on May 11.

Continuing resolution can’t stop spending on tech

The continuing resolution can’t hold back IT spending, especially on contracts related to cybersecurity.

Innovative cyber intelligence worth $300M

The Air Force Research Laboratory is opening a five-year, $300 million pool for innovations in intelligence gathering involving spectrum signals intelligence, electronic warfare, and cyber operations.

’Skinny budget’ brings fat opportunities for vendors

Information-technology vendors to the federal government stand to gain from the White House Office of Management and Budget’s “America First: A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again.”

Pentagon plans more anti-hacker cyber ranges

To meet the growing demand for cyber-vulnerability testing and training, the Defense Department’s Test Resource Management Center wants to set up and operate an integrated suite of facilities like the National Cyber Range.

Chairman McCaul outlines U.S. funding options for Mexico wall

House Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul outlines his immigration, cybersecurity and anti-terrorism priorities in the 115th Congress.

Cybersecurity concerns won’t slow in 2017

As a new administration is established, cybersecurity remains a critical bipartisan issue that impacts all people, from government employees of all levels across the world to industry leaders to individual citizens. Moving into 2017, there’s no slowing down.

Cloud service providers climb on FedRAMP bandwagon

6 reasons becoming FedRAMP-authorized could be a good business decision.

The real election hack fear

If you are expecting to feel relief from a long and tortuous election season on the morning of November 9, don’t. Expect instead to hear about a possible cyberattack on American democracy.