Football fans part of final TV blitz in Alabama Senate race

Alabama voters watching their beloved Crimson Tide college football team take on Vanderbilt on television tomorrow also will see an ad aimed at helping Sen. Luther Strange, courtesy of Mitch McConnell’s deep-pocketed allies.

In Trump-versus-Palin special election, senators throw in a ship

A quiet, last-minute alteration to a bill on the Senate floor will let Sen. Luther Strange pitch himself to voters in next week’s special election as the guy who came through when Alabama jobs were on the line.

Rich, poor, young, old: Congressional districts at a glance

The Silicon Valley district that Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) represents in Congress is one of the nation’s most prosperous areas.

White House regulatory office fully staffed

The White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs is now fully staffed with four political appointees to help Administrator Neomi Rao fulfill the president’s deregulatory agenda.

The psychology of grassroots advocacy and sustaining a movement

Historically low public trust and confidence in government could pose a significant threat to sustaining grassroots movements and civic participation in government relations.

Does fear influence or immobilize

Whether it’s deciding who to vote for, or how whether to give money or your time to a cause, many believe that instilling fear in your supporters wins their allegiance and action.

Regulatory activity dips to new lows in Trump administration

The pace of regulatory activity has dipped to new lows in the first six months of the Trump administration, bringing welcome relief to businesses beset by rules from the prior administration, but dismaying public safety and civil rights advocates who fear crises are coming.

Bipartisanship exists on Capitol Hill if you know where to look

Despite bipartisanship being in short supply in the 115th Congress, lawmakers heeded the oft-ignored maxim that politics should stop at the water’s edge, approving new sanctions against Russia and Iran and in drafting defense and intelligence authorizations.

McConnell and Mnuchin predict Congress will raise the debt ceiling

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell predicted Congress will raise the country’s debt limit in time to prevent an unprecedented default.

Manchin emerges as possible pick for Energy Department

Some White House and Republican officials are exploring the idea of putting West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin in charge of the Energy Department.