Airports Hurt by Trump Mar-a-Lago Travel Could Soon See Relief

Airports and businesses could get paid when they have to close for President Donald Trump’s trips to Mar-a-Lago or his other vacation spots.

Sugar, Farm Subsidies Seen Headlining Farm Bill Floor Debate

Amendments to overhaul the U.S. sugar program and get rid of crop insurance subsidies will be among the most high profile proposed amendments to the farm bill on the House floor Thursday.

Infrastructure Week: DeFazio Eyes 2019 for Gas Tax

A federal gas tax increase will help fund the next surface transportation bill if Democrats take back the House of Representatives, Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) told Bloomberg Government in an exclusive interview.

Candidate Mom Gets OK to Use Donor Dollars for Childcare

A mother running for Congress can legally use campaign money to pay for childcare under a new Federal Election Commission decision.

Romney’s Old Campaign Sitting on Illegal Campaign Dollars

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign and the Republican Party haven’t relinquished $141,300 in illegal contributions they found out about years after they thought they’d closed the books on the unsuccessful 2012 run.

Don’t Kill Loan Forgiveness in Higher Ed Bill, Republicans Say

Don’t eliminate the program that discharges student loans for qualified public workers, 13 Republicans urged the House education panel’s chairwoman in a letter acquired by Bloomberg Government May 7.

All Eyes on Senate After Resounding House Passage of FAA Bill

House passage of Federal Aviation Administration legislation with strong bipartisan support may help press the Senate to move its own measure.

Outside-Group Congressional Ad Buys Top $10 Million in April

Campaign spending fueled by big donors is shaping key congressional primaries and special elections across the country while setting the stage for multi-million-dollar battles in key midterm races in the fall.

Familiar Faces May Top VA List of Options as Surprise Pick Quits

President Donald Trump may turn to a short list of department insiders, health industry leaders, and government officials in his hunt for a new Veterans Affairs secretary, after his first choice withdrew his nomination.

Senate Plan to Reduce Debate on Trump Nominees Clears Hurdle

A plan by Senate Republicans to sharply limit debates on some of President Donald Trump’s nominees won Rules Committee approval on a party-line vote and now could be brought up soon on the Senate floor.