Midterms in the Age of Disruption

Everything you thought you knew about politics may be wrong. Turns out more Republicans approve of President Trump’s job performance today than Democrats approved of President Obama at the same time in 2010 (Gallup).  It’s historically safer to be a Democratic Senator running in a state Trump won by more than 10 than a Republican running for an open seat Trump won by less than 10.

FAA Bill Authors Want Clean Tax Title Without GOP Tax Law Fixes

The Senate aviation bill’s authors want to prevent its tax title—long-seen as an opportunity to pass fixes to Republican tax breaks—from sinking the bill, they told Bloomberg Government.

More than 100 amendments have been proposed for the Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill (S. 1405) as of Tuesday, according to Commerce, Science, and Transportation Chairman John Thune (R-S.D.). Many FAA programs up for renewal would be funded by the Airport and Airway Trust Fund, which is paid for through taxes on items like airfare and jet fuel.

Democrats Tops in Cash Among Midterm Election House Challengers

Democrats dominate the best-funded House candidates seeking to unseat incumbents in November.

All 25 challengers with the most campaign cash-on-hand are Democrats, as are all but three of the 46 with at least $500,000 in their accounts, according to a Bloomberg Government review of reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.

House Passes Bill Giving White House More Regulatory Oversight

A bill that would expand the administration’s oversight authority to rules issued by most independent regulatory agencies won House passage July 13 by a 230-168 vote.

Elections Seen Safer From Hacking, but Meddling Threat Lingers

U.S. elections are safer from hacking than they were two years ago, but the threat of foreign meddling hasn’t been stamped out, lawmakers said.

Under-the-Radar Races Could Upend Power in State Capitols

Democrats are vying to reverse a decade of diminishing power in state capitals by building on special-election victories and capitalizing on discontent with President Donald Trump.

Trump’s Pitch for Increase in Border Funds Hits Wall in Senate

President Donald Trump’s request for more border wall funds faces an uphill battle in the Senate, where even key Republican allies doubt they have the money or the support.

Swift Senate Farm Bill Passage Hopes Hit Rubio Roadblock

A plan to move quickly on the farm bill in Senate was held up by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who threatened to block any new amendments from the measure unless a dispute over Cuba trade is resolved.

Ocasio-Cortez and Other Winners to Watch: BGOV Election Analysis

Some of the winners in yesterday’s primaries and runoffs across seven states have such a pronounced advantage in the November election that it’s safe to call them shoo-ins to join the 116th Congress in January.

Government Makeover Fans Look to Obama Era for Strategy

Republicans who want to expedite execution of President Donald Trump’s plan to merge several federal agencies are getting inspiration from an unlikely source: Senate Democrats under Obama.