Trump Trade Plan Gives Food Banks More Help Than They Can Handle

Mountaineer Food Bank, located in the middle of West Virginia, expects to get three times the 1.1 million pounds it typically receives in federal emergency food aid. The problem is finding ways to store and distribute it all.

“That’s quite a bit for us in our area,” said Chad Morrison, the food bank’s executive editor. “There’s good, bad, and unintended consequences that come with it.”

IRS, Other Financial Agencies May Need Stopgap as Talks Stall

Financial agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service and the Securities and Exchange Commission may have to rely on stopgap funding, along with the departments of the Interior, Transportation and Agriculture, if lawmakers can’t break an impasse on the spending package before the new fiscal year begins Monday.

Young Farmers, Healthy Food Programs to Suffer in Farm Bill Delay

An agriculture program assisting farmers just starting out would lapse if a final farm bill compromise isn’t reached before the current law expires at the end of the month.

There will probably be no agreement on the authorization bill before the Sept. 30 deadline of current law, according to two agriculture lobbyists familiar with the matter.

No Agreement on Conservation Yet as Farm Bill Expiration Nears

Land conservation programs are still a sticking point farm bill conferees will need to work out before the current authorization expires Sept. 30, Senate Agriculture Committee leaders said. “We’re not at a point to closing any of the titles yet,” ranking member Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) told Bloomberg Government today.

Hemp Advocates Hope Senate Farm Bill Lights Up Crop’s Prospects

Long shunned for its association with marijuana, industrial hemp could make a comeback in tobacco-growing states like Kentucky if the Senate farm bill is enacted into law, advocates say, even as they’re still trying to figure out how to best grow the crop.

Swift Senate Farm Bill Passage Hopes Hit Rubio Roadblock

A plan to move quickly on the farm bill in Senate was held up by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who threatened to block any new amendments from the measure unless a dispute over Cuba trade is resolved.

Sweeping Food Stamp Changes Seen Unlikely in Final Farm Bill

The next farm bill is likely to include changes to the food stamp program, but broad provisions in the House measure to tighten work requirements won’t make the cut in the Senate, anti-spending and food aid proponents agreed.

Conservatives May Withhold Support in Farm Bill Revote

Conservative lawmakers remain non-committal a week before the deadline to revive the House farm bill after its May defeat over an unrelated immigration bill and tighter eligibility rules for federal food assistance.

Rep. David Brat (R-Va.), a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, told reporters June 15 that he was still undecided on whether to support the farm bill.