Democrats Object to Leaked Draft of Campus Sexual Assault Rule

Top Democrats on the committees overseeing education issues are calling for the Education Department to abandon its plan to write a regulation on how campuses should handle sexual assault. Their criticism comes after a draft of that proposed rule leaked to The New York Times. It showed the department plans to continue policies that could strengthen protections for those accused of sexual assault.

Colleges Wary About Linking Aid to Mastery, Not Credit Hours

Determining federal aid by how much students learn, rather than the time spent learning it, is getting serious consideration from lawmakers from both parties and the Education Department.

Congress Frets as Grad Student Forgiveness Tab Rises By Billions

Young people sinking under debt flocked to student loan forgiveness programs after those initiatives were expanded years ago. But what started with good intentions has morphed, critics say, into an expensive way for high-income earners, many with graduate student loans, to have their debts forgiven on the taxpayer’s dime.

Democrats’ Message on Higher Education: We’re Not the GOP

A higher education bill House Democrats will introduce today will serve as both a blueprint and a campaign trail talking point meant to contrast Democratic lawmakers’ plans for higher education with those of their Republican counterparts.

Democrats Prepping Own Higher Education Bill as GOP Stumbles

A group of House Democrats is gearing up to release a higher education reauthorization bill as the Republicans’ attempt to update the law heads back to the drawing board after failing to win enough support in the GOP conference.

Official With For-Profit Ties to Oversee Postsecondary Education

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has delegated the role of assistant secretary of postsecondary education to Diane Auer Jones, whom Democrats have been wary of because of her ties to for-profit colleges and universities.

Higher Education Bill Needs More Homework, House Republicans Say

A bill to update dozens of aspects of higher education still needs some more work to better its chances of passage with GOP-only votes, according to interviews with more than a dozen House Republicans.

Education Dept.: Issues Remain with Troubled Accreditor ACICS

The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools’s 2017 application to be recognized by the department failed to show it can effectively monitor if colleges it examines comply with the agency’s standards or respond to complaints in a timely manner, among other things, according to the draft report released late June 8.