Government Shutdown Begins as Congress Divides on Spending

Bloomberg Government’s guide to a possible government shutdown

December 4, 2017 Bloomberg Government  & Gail Ballantyne

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A fiscal 2018 spending deal between the White House and Republican and Democratic leaders appears elusive as the Dec. 22 deadline approaches. When the current continuing resolution expires, passage of a short-term continuing resolution — or a longer one running into early next year — is the most probable outcome.

Although a shutdown is unlikely, federal contractors should always be prepared for the possibility by considering its potential impact on their current work, revenue streams, and workforce.

The above Bloomberg Government OnPoint slides (for all slides, log in to BGOV) summarize the latest developments on appropriations as well as the existing federal guidance and documentation describing what can happen during a federal shutdown. While much of the guidance dates back to the 1980s, it remains applicable unless the Trump administration issues new guidance before a potential shutdown.

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