Robin Camarote

Robin Camarote is a communications consultant, meeting facilitator and blogger at She is intent on helping federal and non-profit clients get more done with fewer headaches by outlining clear, creative strategies and solutions that build buy-in at all organizational levels. She lives with her husband and three children in Falls Church, Virginia.

Blog posts

Fixing employee engagement requires engaging employees

Low employee engagement statistics are frozen in place and not likely to thaw anytime soon. A recent study concluded that two out of every three employees are either not engaged or actively disengaged with their work.

The promotion tactic that’s backfiring on employee morale

Unless promoted leaders have the confidence to set aside the skills that worked so well in the past and pursue learning and growth in an entirely new discipline, they’ll struggle. Leaders are made, not born.

3 practical ways to improve leader/staff engagement

The first step in seeking out a better relationship with our leaders is to separate what’s about you and what’s about them.

Dealing with the reality of leaders who hate their employees

This leadership evolution has made our world and our organizations better, but it hasn’t erased some of the antiquated habits and attitudes that our organizations’ leaders carry around today.

The responsible leaders guide to avoiding data collection boondoggles

Our data appetite is insatiable. Why? Because we’re desperate for answers. When we’re not exactly sure what the questions are, we believe data is the first step on the right path to getting there.

When the pursuit of data just isn’t worth it

Data is expensive—in fact, far more expensive than we like to acknowledge. In government and in contracting, data is the fancy, bubbly, bottled water that we treat like tap.

Management consulting isn’t working. Here are 6 ways to do it better.

Here are six things that would enable consulting firms to harness a wave of disruptive forces instead of being swept up and pulled under.

Here’s why the management consulting business model is broken

The more experience consultants get, the less they get (or want) to spend time with clients…and that’s just the start of the problem.

Management consultants, prepare yourself for disruption

Change is coming. Disruptive forces are at work altering expectations, competition and our own attitudes about the purpose and possibilities within federal consulting.

What is federal management consulting?

The business of hiring a contractor to help government agencies improve performance by analyzing organizational problems and developing improvement plans.