Kevin O'Neill

Kevin O’Neill, co-chair of the Legislative practice group, helps clients understand and navigate federal legislative and executive complexities in order to further their business objectives. His clients include domestic and foreign corporations, associations, municipal governments, transportation agencies, healthcare systems, universities and foreign sovereigns. Mr. O’Neill’s clients span several sectors of the economy including tax and financial services, healthcare, education, transportation, and local government.

Blog posts

Three things to consider before advocating to repeal a rule under the CRA

If you are interested in having Congress repeal a rule under the CRA, here are three considerations to inform your decision.

How to use the Congressional Review Act to undo regulatory actions

With a Republican sweep of Congress and the executive branch, there will be a concerted effort this year to reform and restrain the current regulatory state. The Congressional Review Act will be one vehicle for affirmatively undoing some of the regulatory actions of the last six months.

Why the 2018 Senate races affect the 2017-18 legislative agenda

As with many things in a world where Donald Trump is the President-elect, we reach a unique point in electoral politics.

What unfinished business must be completed in the lame duck?

While all of the attention is naturally on the new administration and the 115th Congress, focus soon will shift back to the 114th Congress and the unfinished business that must be completed in a post-election “lame-duck” session.

What does an outsider in the White House mean for Congress?

Donald Trump’s victory may not have been traditional, but there is no evidence that his candidacy was a drag on any Republican running for Congress this year.