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Gardner’s Inability to Shake Trump Sticks Him on Path to Defeat

A Democratic ad that aired in Colorado described Sen. Cory Gardner and President Donald Trump as sticking together “like peanut butter and jelly.”

Ex-Lawmakers Ousted in 2018 Fight to Get Back to Capitol Hill

Seven former Republican congressmen are seeking redemption for their unceremonious 2018 exits, but a handful of them face the prospect of a second-straight defeat.

Democrats Push Further Into GOP Territory With Fundraising Surge

Democrats across the competitive House landscape turned in yet another strong fundraising quarter, bolstering the party’s bid to expand its hold on the chamber.

Cash Bonanza Turbocharges Democrats’ Majority Bid (Podcast)

Bloomberg Government’s Emily Wilkins joined Greg Giroux and David Schultz on the latest episode of Downballot Counts to discuss the off-the-charts fundraising by Democratic Senate candidates.

Arizona’s Leftward Swing Bolsters Democrat in Key Senate Race

Republican Sen. Martha McSally and Democrat Mark Kelly will meet Tuesday, on the eve of early voting, for their only debate in a race central to the fight for the Senate majority.

Unforgettable Week in Politics Shakes Up Final Month (Podcast)

Bloomberg Government’s Kyle Trygstad and Greg Giroux discuss the eventful past week in politics and what it means for the November elections in the latest episode of Downballot Counts.

TikTok, Bumble Help Democrats Register and Motivate Young Voters

Catchy raps about the “carrot demon” earned Maya Nepos 4.6 million likes on TikTok. Now, she’s one of the social media influencers partnering with Democratic-led organizations to make sure young people know how to vote — and vote for Joe Biden.

Record $13 Billion Raised for 2020 Elections Spurs Ad Avalanche

The 2020 election has generated a record $13.3 billion in federal campaign contributions, funding a barrage of political advertising that strategists say risks blurring candidate messaging.

GOP Pollster on the Court, Debates and Biden’s Lead (Podcast)

Glen Bolger, a partner and co-founder of Public Opinion Strategies and a top pollster for congressional Republicans, joined the latest episode of Downballot Counts to discuss the presidential race and how it’s affecting GOP candidates running for the House and Senate.

House Election Delayed by Death Likely to Get More Competitive

Candidates in a Minnesota swing district will have an additional three months to campaign before a February special election — an unusual situation that likely benefits the Republican challenger to freshman Democratic Rep. Angie Craig.