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2022 Congressional Outlook

Elections OnPoint

Next Set of Primaries Packed with Action

Primary season is heating up. A run of primaries over the next several weeks will set up general election matchups that will be consequential for the House and Senate majorities. Download our ready-to-use Election OnPoint presentation for a midterm elections outlook, including key dates, races to watch, departing member lists, and more.

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Who Draws the Lines – Congressional Redistricting

We answer your questions and help you strategize for changes to the political landscape with an overview of who draws congressional districts, how the redistricting process works, and implications for the 2022 midterm elections.

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Congressional Directories Make Networking Easier

Knowing the right people is essential to effectively advocate for the issues that matter to you and your organization. Learn how you can use our congressional and staff directories to find the right contacts and access essential background information, all through one easy-to-use tool.


Voter Demographics and Redistricting

Through in-depth analysis of Census data, this report reveals how the U.S. population is evolving and breaks down the demographics of eligible voters, voter turnout, and congressional districts.

The Balance of Power

The balance of power in Congress has a major impact on legislative priorities and outcomes. Learn how redistricting shifted the political landscape—and which seats are up for grabs in the midterm elections.

Balance of Power in the Senate

A net change of only one seat in either direction will alter the balance of the Senate chamber—either giving Democrats a clear majority or handing control to Republicans. Each party enters the midterm season with certain advantages, with clear races to watch in competitive states.

The House Seats up for Grabs

See how the balance of power in the House may shift in the 2022 midterm elections as Republicans push to win the majority and Democrats seek to maintain control.

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2021 Top-Performing Lobbying Firms

Get insights into the lobbying industry and the high-performing firms that reported $1 million or more in revenue in 2021—so you can make informed decisions on your lobbying investments.

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President’s Budget 2023

Take a deep dive into President Joe Biden’s budget proposal for fiscal year 2023—from spending and deficit projections to department-by-department analysis.

News From Capitol Hill

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