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Tap Into Unique Value

Bloomberg Government gives you a competitive edge by replacing all the tools you’ve been using with one unified resource that saves time and money by putting revenue-enhancing insight at your fingertips.

Our site brings together Washington’s best news, data and information about key departments, agencies and issues.

By customizing news feeds from thousands of sources you’ll know what you need to know without sacrificing time or quality. For example, you can look deep inside agency budgets to determine which industries and companies have the most at stake during the appropriations process. In-depth analysis from the brightest minds in the business gives you quick insight into new opportunities, and the people most in need of your services.

Our legislative profiles put all the important details in one place—bill sponsorships, committee memberships, key staffers and social media feeds—and facilitate the connections that ground informed discussions. We also provide productivity-enhancing efficiencies through custom reports that home in on your priorities, laser-targeted views of news at the state and district level, and briefs you can easily prepare using our automated Report Builder tool.

Bloomberg Government empowers you to speed up your preparation and maximize your revenue-generating opportunities.

BGOV Executives