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Legislative Priorities for the 114th Congress

The 114th Congress convenes January 6, with Republicans in control of both chambers for the first time in eight years. As new lawmakers head to...


Defense Trends in the 2015 Budget

As the 2015 calendar year begins, how will government spending affect defense contractors? Join Bloomberg Government, in partnership with the National Defense Industrial Association, for...


The Digital Trust: Trusted Connections

Venue SIX10
610 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60605

In the retail, services and manufacturing industries, technology is rapidly transforming commerce and expanding choice. Mobile sales are changing how consumers interact with product and...


Lobbying Fact & Fiction: How Is (and isn’t) Lobbying Changing?

Lobbying is undergoing a fundamental change. At least, that’s what people think. But what does the data say? Conventional wisdoms says lobbyists face challenges including...


Top Services Opportunities at DoD

With a new year comes new opportunities, new challenges and new trends. How can you position your business for growth in 2015? Join Bloomberg Government,...


Pay It Forward: The Future of Secure Payments

San Francisco, CA
>> Venue to be announced early January 2015.

The future of retail is on your tablet, strapped to your wrist, in your car and always at the ready. From Uber to Etsy, Square...


In Digital We Trust

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The digital economy is built on trust: that transactions are protected from fraud and crime, and that personal, business, and government data are used appropriately...