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The Time-Saver You’ve Been Waiting For

Developed with insights from Hill staffers, Bloomberg Government is designed to make your life easier by helping you and your office become more effective and efficient.

Our “Places” section gives you easy access to localized news, analysis and data that let you delve into state- or district-level spending, election results, demographics and other information that shows the business implications of government actions. It’s a feature you only get with Bloomberg Government.

Our “Industries” section gives you valuable perspectives on the latest private-sector activities, such as corporate earnings, lobbying activities and campaign contributions. We put the comprehensive data you need at your fingertips.

With Bloomberg Government, you’ll be able to search our proprietary databases for the latest on bills, regulations, budgets, grants and contracts. You can put this data immediately into context with coverage by top editors, reporters, analysts, economists and policy specialists.

Customizable news alerts and calendars mean you never miss an important development. And when it comes to sharing the insights you gained from Bloomberg Government, our Report Builder saves time by helping create high-quality issue briefings and reports for meetings with constituents and other stakeholders.

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