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Aug 28, 2014

Pelosi Blasts Weight Comments to Gillibrand From Male Senators

By Derek Wallbank | August 28, 2014 01:34PM ET (Bloomberg) — House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says weight-related comments from male senators to New York…

Aug 26, 2014

OMB Defense Official Kosiak Leaves for Consulting Firm

By Tony Capaccio Steven Kosiak, the White House’s national security and defense budget director, has joined Inglee, Sauer and Moseley Strategies as a partner, according…

Aug 26, 2014

Pentagon’s Kendall Says Competitive Contract Goals Not Being Met

By Tony Capaccio (Bloomberg) — “Over the past four years, the department has not met its competition goals. In fact, we have experienced a declining…

Aug 8, 2014

Navy Used New Boeing Bomb in Iraq Strike Today

By Tony Capaccio | August 08, 2014 03:31PM ET (Bloomberg) — Navy pilots from USS George H. W. Bush used new Boeing GBU-54 bombs in…

Jul 31, 2014

Is Public Service in Crisis? BGOV Executive Outlook

by Robert Levinson

(Bloomberg) — Here’s a brain teaser: what do these letters have in common? CDC, FDA, IRS, CIA, NSA, EPA, FBI, VA. Most people in Washington…

Jul 30, 2014

F-35, Aerial Tanker Among Air Force Top Priorities: Welsh

(Bloomberg) — Lockheed’s F-35, Boeing’s aerial refueling tanker, new long-range strike program remains 3 top Ar Force priorities, Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh tells…

Jul 25, 2014

Bloomberg Government Quantitative Analyst Amos on Federal News Radio

by Duncan Amos

You’ve heard the expression, “spend it or lose it”. The approaching end of the fiscal year tends to stir federal agencies to use whatever acquisition…

Jul 22, 2014

Defense Firms to See $26B More in Outlays by Sept. 30, DOD Says

By Tony Capaccio and Holly Rosenkrantz | July 22, 2014 07:30AM ET (Bloomberg) — Revised Pentagon mid-year projections call for $26b more in procurement, research…

Jul 21, 2014

Pentagon Says Resuming 2nd F-35 Engine ‘Would Not Make Sense’

By Tony Capaccio and John Hughes (Bloomberg) — United Technologies’ Pratt & Whitney engine program “is 90 percent through development, so while we would like…

Jul 17, 2014

Putin Plane May Have Been Target of Ukrainian Rocket: Interfax

By Elena Mazneva July 17 (Bloomberg) — Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plane crossed route of crashed Malaysian plane near Warsaw, Interfax reports, citing unidentified person…