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Nov 21, 2014

Cyber Breaches in 2014 Were Bad (…And 2015 Will be Worse)

By Mark Micheli Nov. 21 — (Bloomberg Government) In the ongoing effort to defend against the world’s legion of hackers and cybercriminals, mounting an effective…

Nov 21, 2014

Contractors, You’re Looking at the Wrong Shutdown: BGOV Insight

Analysis by Kevin Brancato and Miguel Garrido Nov. 20 — (Bloomberg Government) Federal contractors, focused on the possible closure of the federal government after Dec….

Nov 19, 2014

Lockheed, Air Force Hit for Poor C-5 Upgrade Management

Lockheed, Air Force Hit for Poor C-5 Upgrade Management By Tony Capaccio Nov. 19 (Bloomberg) — Pentagon inspector general outlines flaws with Lockheed Martin quality…

Nov 19, 2014

Boeing to Give Revised Tanker Schedule in Feb., Air Force Says

By Tony Capaccio and Laura Curtis Nov. 19 (Bloomberg) — Boeing officials gave Air Force a status report last week, top service military acquisition official LTG Ellen…

Nov 18, 2014

Hagel to Decide ‘Very Soon’ on New Ship Design, Spokesman Says

By Tony Capaccio and Nina Glinski Nov. 18 (Bloomberg) — Defense Sec. Chuck Hagel will use Navy analysis to inform decision on design for upgraded…

Nov 13, 2014

U.S. Considering Adding Advisers to Iraq Operation: Dempsey

By Sangwon Yoon, Tony Capaccio and Joi Preciphs Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) — U.S. is weighing adding troop advisers to operation in Mosul, Iraq, to combat…

Nov 12, 2014

Air Force Gets More Than Other Branches in Islamic State Request

By Tony Capaccio and John Hughes Nov. 12 (Bloomberg) — Air Force would receive $614m for procurement as part of White House request last week for battling…

Nov 12, 2014

DOD to Reduce Live Animal Use in Military Training, PETA Says

By Tony Capaccio and Nina Glinski Nov. 12 (Bloomberg) — Starting Jan. 1, animals will be replaced by human simulators in “many” medical training exercises,…

Nov 12, 2014

Keystone Vote Unlikely to Boost Landrieu Electoral Chances

By Laura Litvan Nov. 12 (Bloomberg) — Possible vote on approval of Transcanada’s $8b pipeline probably won’t improve chances of victory for Sen. Mary Landrieu,…

Nov 10, 2014

White House Details Request for $5.6b Iraq-Syria Package

By Tony Capaccio and Laura Curtis Nov. 10 (Bloomberg) — OMB request is on top of pending $58.6b FY15 war budget. $1.6b requested for training…